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Farewell 2007.... Welcome 2008!

2007 was a great year for races but not so good on work related.

2007 races & activities
A'Famosa TriathlonOrange RunBukit Merah TriathlonNew Balance PacesettersPenang Bridge MarathonRMC Sg Besi - PD ride Seremban Half-MarathonPort Dickson TriathlonAdidas King of the RoadPJ Half MarathonSubang Jaya 10kMizuno Wave 10kHmm... not that many actually compare to Ala but wifey thinks these are too much already. This year my resolution is to take along my family for races outside KL like Zabil always did with his family. This is to maintain my quality time with my family.

2007 work related

I quited Frost in February and joined IDC on the same month. Some good things I gained from working in IDC are works exposure & opportunities to travel overseas. I have traveled to Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Indonesia & Australia.Although I only worked for 11 months in IDC but I felt like 2-3 years there. This is due to heavy workload and very stressful job. To channel out my stress I took …

Family outing on X'mas day

Working in IDC really stress me out, so during this holiday season i took the whole family to in-door theme park at Berjaya Times square. The kids were so happy and I owed them this treat for a very long time.

My 2 boys, Ian & Dmi

Very kamcheng brotherhood

Future rockstars!


No no no.... not Human Resource Management. HRM stands for Heart Rate Monitor. I bought it from EBay and it was bloody cheap even after include the shipping charge. The model is Casio Phys CHR-200. Couldn't find it here in Malaysia but a friend bought one model below (CHR-100) in the Tokyo cost RM450, and the same model as mine is around RM600 but I got for less than RM200. Plus shipping, it still cheaper. A bit too complicated to use but... hey trained engineer should know how to read manual rite?

This morning officially used it for the first time. My comment.... for a product that would normally cost me arms & legs but got it just for a thumb, I think it's AWESOME!!! HRM with the largest memory bank ever made and big screen to see the number clearly. I couldn't keep my eyes off the watch looking at heart beat changing every time I change my pace. So impressed with the technology. Recommend to all my friends out there to get one, especially those seriously want to los…

Multi pitching

First time did multi pitching. Thanks to Zabil for organizing the climb today. It was nice to have a picnic up there 30 meters above the ground. Thanks Ernie for the pix.

On the ground

On the way up

On the top!

Welcome Home Angkasawan Negara!

Today marked the history of Malaysia where our first Angkasawan successfully return to earth from his 10-day mission to ISS. No matter what people negatively say about this program as waste of money or more political than scientific, but for a trained engineer like me, I know how complicated, dangerous, challenging and expensive are space programs. So, I'm very proud of our achievement to join the elite space club. I'm sure this will trigger the interest in science and technology among our younger generations. Malaysia Boleh!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Tinggal sehari lagi posa tapi kerja melambak-lambak. Langsung takde kemeriahan Hari Raya kat IDC ni. Orang kat company lain sume dah mood raya, aku ni tgh dok pulun nak siapkan submission esok. Kalau tak settle, tak aman cuti raya aku nanti.

Press release

Check this out! My name appear in several press releases on the Net.

Genting Nite Run

Some say we're crazy, some say we're nuts... welcome to the Wacko Club! 17 of us ran up Genting Highlands last nite. It's an annual activity during Ramadan as some of us cannot train during the day due to fasting month. Did my first run and bike last year, hence I really look forward to it this year. We started from McD Genting Sempah around 2245hrs. First half 11km to Gohtong Jaya was easy peasy. Some stretch along this route was pitch black. If you don't wear reflective jacket or blinker, there's no way a driver could see you running. We regrouped for a short break at Gohtong Jaya. The second half was like hell. Total distance was only around 9km but the route was 100% uphill - some as steep as 45 degrees. Although not as painful as Marathon, the last 5km to the top - every 100m - was extremely torturous. I made it to the top around 0300 hrs. We regrouped again at Starbucks, First World Hotel before heading back to Genting Sempah for sahur.

RV point in front of …

Ian's 7th Birthday

A small family gathering for buka puasa and Ian's 7th b'day at my parents' place.

Happy Birthday Ian!! You're now 7 years old... my big boy.

Li'l Brother & cousins are all excited looking at the big number 7 on the cake

OK everyone, come help me cut this cake!

Atuk was once a killing machine in Special Forces, now has to bear with 6 hyperactive grandchildren

Hmm... yummy yummy

Daddy nak tak?

Didcha say sumthin' funny abt me, Syukran??!!!

I'll be back!.... Terminator 4 - The Rongak Rebel

Funny acts

Dmi is never shy to show some funny moves. Ian, on the other hand, is a bit hesitant.

Queen of Egypt's move

Superheroes in underwear... Ian is Batman and Dmi shows off his muscles just like Superman

Mizuno Wave Run 2007

This is the final race before puasa next week. For the past 3 months, I took part in 6 official races and yet I still can't beat Ala's records of 10 consecutive races. Today, many familiar faces I met: Ala, Bean, Joejo, OP Fadhil, Cikgu Adnan (my teacher in RMC), Steve, Vicky, Karo, Mejar Kalam, Wendy, and Ala's parents. Unofficial record 1:07.

Bagus la baju sponsor ni.... Arigato Mizuno!!

With 65 yr-old forever macho Cikgu Adnan, his arms are bigger than mine. He threw me a challenge to run 10k in 50 mins.

OP Fadhil, the "forever young" 56 year old guy

Everyone blasting at the starting line

People from all walks of life, running together

Me, Ala & Wendy in action

Despite going uphill, everyone keep on running

First time in my life that I have to queue up to cross the finish line

Panjang tuh... tapi apasal belah women category kosong jer?

Bean pirated, tak sempat register

I was surprised to see Joejo there. Good start bro, let's do it more often in the future!

Rock Climbing

It's been quite a while since my last climb. I guess 3 months back. Tried to be the lead climber to set up the rope for "monsoon" route but I failed at the "ledge", the hardest part. Luckily, Zabil found a new route to pass the ledge. Gotta try it next time.

Damai at Batu Caves

Muka tension tak lepas setup rope for Monsoon

Good job Zabil!!

The rest of the group & a few more tgh climbing not in the pic... Aliyah, r u happy?

MTB & Roadie

For two consecutive days I went cycling. On Friday, I went mountain biking at the Sg Buloh-FRIM route with Alan Tan (my ex-colleague in Frost). The day after, I went cycling at the Bt18-Sg Tekala loop with OP Shazly & OP Stupe. Lucky me, Shazly lent me his bike but the saddle was to high for a shorty guy like me. Ended up using Stupe's bike most of the time.
With my KONA Cinder Cone

Spectacular view at Semenyih Dam

With Ironman-to-be OP Shazly & OP Stupe