Newton Challenge 25km

Closing this year racing calendar with Newton Challenge 25km. But how ironic, my first event this year also Newton Challenge 25km on 1st January. Clocked 2:53hrs, including 10 minutes break for Subuh prayer at Petronas Station along the route.

Not many usual suspects as I expected. Before the race I met Wani, a cute girl who's enjoying jungle trekking. First few KM after the race started,  I ran with Noradzmudin. Not sure who's pacing who.
The first half very hilly
 Then met Ray at Petronas station when I stopped for Subuh prayer. Ray has done 25km x 2 loops started at 2am. Yeah, that guy is crazy! I also ran the last 5km with OP Azrin my junior in RMC. He's in very good shape. 
Less hilly on second half
 After the race, met many more friends like IM Nik Raiha, Edan Syah, OP Upak, OP, Monzar, Elhan, Azman, Hadi (he didn't race, he was a photographer), Azman, etc
After the race
 Two Newton Challenge's finisher medals this year.
Finisher medal
 Record breaking this year, I've done 20 races. Let see if I can do more in 2013.
Medals collection in 2012


Unknown said…
Twenty races..? Wahh. Well done!! And you're thinking of doing more next year? At the rate you're going, I'm sure you can :)
2013, I masuk sikit je kot :P
RaYzeef said…
Lah Azrin tu junior. Aku hingat senior kau. Kau nampak muda lah Kam :p

ada chance makan free ni...he he
Anonymous said…
Well done! and thanks for the reminder that I did a pathetic one race only this year, sigh!
Kam Kasturie said…
Kak Millie... masuk setakat yg termampu jer.

Ray... byk tahun junior tau. Next satay feast will be on me!

Anonymous... one is better than nothing. Well done!!

Anonymous said…
Happy New Year! :-)

Khairul said…
bro give some advice on how to perform subuh prayer on the race. i want to try marathon sometimes this year so iwant to get prepared well thanks.
Kam Kasturie said…
Khairul, if you ask on how to perform, it is very easy. Do it like you normally do when you travel. Before that, pray to god you will find a place to pray like masjid, surau, petronas with praying room, or sometimes the organizer prepare a tent along the way.

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