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My new babe... Rika ;)

I just realized that cycling is more than just mountain biking, triathlon or duathlon. I found the love of doing fun ride lately and bought a folding bike (I gave her name Rika ;). What I like about this kind of riding, it is less competitive with more leisure. I had a chance meeting new people and socialize among the Urban Velo cyclists. Below are the recent two rides I took part with my foldie. I wish one day very soon I would be able to bring my kids along to join more fun rides. More father & sons activity coming up in the list. Time to catch up the lost time for the past 3 years.
Putrajaya Inter-parks Ride & Ampang Park Critical Mass Ride

Ian's circumcision

Petrol: RM 100Toll: RM 88 Total distance: 660km Driving time: 10 hours Medical cost: RM2,210.00 Being there with my boy in his journey into manhood: PRICELESS!!!!