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Happy times with Ian & Dmi

I've never been in situation where I cannot see my children growing up in front of my eyes and it's very difficult to explain how I felt when I had to let them go to stay with their grandparents. It wasn't that I did not want to take care of them. I was begging my ex to let me keep them, at least they can be with me & nearer to their mother but she insisted to send them away to her parents in JB. I pity my in-laws because at their age they should be enjoying their life, not add up more burdens by taking care of their grandchildren. Knowing my in-laws, I know they are more than willing to do it for us. May god bless them. Thank you Mama & Papa!
After almost 3 months of waiting in vein to see them, finally I had a chance to take them to stay with me during this school holiday. I know my ex only let me do this because I haven't work since early November so that I can be with my kids most of the time. During this moment they showed me their filial love of having me …

Penang bridge marathon 2008

This is one of the main running events in the country and many people do not want to miss an opportunity to run across the national landmark of 13.5km long Penang bridge. There were 6 of us Azmar, Steve, Julie, Karo & Aghil (an Iranian student) cramped into my Citra for about 6 hours journey to Penang.

It was fun journey as everyone always has jokes to share. We stayed at B-Suite which is very near to starting line at Queensbay Mall. The race started at 3am and the route slightly different from last year. We ran towards Batu Maung through Bayan Lepas first before return back to cross the bridge. During the race I met more of our friends like Doc Hisyam, CK, Kar Yan, May Senn, Tey and new friends like Azhar from S'pore & Soo a MAS pilot. The rest who did 1/2 marathon were also there like Mac, Adeline, Alaudin, Mat Licin, Wendy, Bo & many more. As usual I ran with a camera in hand just to capture the moments. After all I got the most lucky race number :) Check out some of…

Tioman - PADI

I wanted to write this earlier but I had problem with my camera. So, I waited until I could copy all the pictures from the memory card. This trip was before puasa during the National Day weekend.
Diving wasn't one of my wish list actually. I don't know why, I just signed up for the course with Eco-Diver and there i was in Tioman. It was an exciting journey, met many new friends and chicks. When you share similar passion, automatically you will speak the same frequency with other divers.
Tioman was a beautiful island and people are very friendly. There were many tourists especially Caucassion. The food were awesome and it wasn't that expensive as people thought. For RM30, the chalet was quite decent with no aircon. Who needs aircon when you spend most of the time outside on the beach. I stayed at ABC aka Kampung Air Batang where tourist populations are more than the locals.
Well, PADI open water is a very easy course. The instructor told me never in his life people failed th…

Powerman 2008

I registered, i traveled all the way to Manjung in my car carrying 3 other duathletes, paid for the fee, picked up the race kit, took the timing chip, checked in to the hotel, carboloaded during dinner and slept early..... everything was perfect until 4 hours before the race.
I was really disappointed but it took me lots of courage not to race. Well, there's always next time.


I apologize for writing those stoopid entries. Thanks to all my friends who gave me great support during my difficult times and giving me that "sucker punch".... now i'm awake and ready to continue my journey.