TNF 100 Philippines 2013 - 50km Ultra Trail Running

For my first ever TNF series, I've chosen TNF Philippines. Initially I registered 100km category but later I downgraded to 50km  category because I got nervous when I read last year review about 2/3 of the 100km participants were DNFed. Top professional runners claimed that TNF Philippines is among the toughest trail course of the entire Asia Pacific and I concur to that. In majority of the races I took part, I will be in the middle pack, and that means high possibility I will not be able to complete the race before cut-off time. Ray & Chin Ann did 100km, while Ijam & me in 50km category.

Visit to start line for race kit pick-up but later we were told to get it at race briefing

Race briefing was conducted at Azalea Residence

We skipped carbo-loading because the queue was too long

50km runners

3D map

Topo map

We woke up at 1am and getting ready for the race

2am in the morning, race start at 4am for 50km
Waiting for the flag off

Trail light of headlamps

The jungle unlike tropical jungle

Long downhill into a valley

Great morning view

One of many hanging bridges

We followed the markers

You can see the agony in their faces

Very steep climb

She's hiding from the sun

Never ending climb

Local kids

Finally, I made to the u-turn point in 7:25 hours

The organizer provided massage service

Mountain view

Instant noodle for lunch break

Great view in the background

Downhill also as painful as uphill

Local teenagers going for hiking

Kids at Camp 6 village

One of many pretty Filipino girls

Kids playing outdoor here

The day almost dark but still no sight of finish line

Finally, we crossed the finish line 15:03 hours

Another one for my medal collection

Event t-shirt


RaYzeef said…
Congrats Kam.
It was a great race, especially with good company with you and Ijam.
Next TNF series please :)
lina said…
Congrats on the awesome 50K. Kagum.

Oooo siap ada amek gmbar dgn aweks la Mr Chairman. ;)
Unknown said…
Congratulations again Turie. Definitely another one for your collection. I'm sure your boys are very proud of you. Nanti bila diaorang dah besar mesti motivated jugak nak ikut macam daddy :)
Kam Kasturie said…
Thanks Ray, Lina & Kak Millie. I think I got hooked to ultra trail running. I enjoyed SAC & TNF Philippines so much and hope to run another TNF series next year.

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