Melawati 10km Run

Normally, I refused to sign-up 10km race if the race venue is more than 10km away from my home. But this one with exception because it was held behind my backyard. So, I decided to give it a support because I believe it will be a memorable one and furthermore it was sponsored by a giant conglomerate Sime Darby.  The route around Taman Melawati is very scenic route but that's the only good thing I can share here. Actually, I'm very disappointed with the organizer. They provided two water stations, but only one functioning properly which is 500m before the finish line. The race was under distance, only 8.2km. Therefore, this is the most expensive local race per kilometer I ever participated. The race fee is RM53. That means, I paid RM6.50 for every kilometer. What did I get?? Just a t-shirt and a medal, not event timing chip. MPAJ helped with the race venue, 100Plus sponsored isotonic drink, Nestle sponsored Milo & cereal breakfast but I'm not sure what is the main sponsor Sime Darby function here?? Maybe the money they gave to the organizer was not enough. The failure of the event gives bad reputation to the main sponsor like what happened to Energizer Night Race. Nowadays, so many people trying to organize a race and they thought it is easy as organizing a sports day in school. Will I take part again next year ?? Not a chance !!!



No Surprises said…
Hi Kam,
Agree with U on this.
I drove all the way from Nilai for this event.
Will not join again if they decided to do it again
RaYzeef said…
i ran 10km around my house..and it's should join me next time :p
Kam Kasturie said…
NO SUPrises.... u drove all the way from Nilai just to run 10km race?? You must be running maniac...hahaha. Well, it was badly organized. So unlucky for us :(

Ray... 10km around your house is too far for me to travel :P

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