PD Triathlon 2013

It was my 7th consecutive year of racing in PD Tri. PD Tri is the only race I never missed since 2007 when I started with Sprint category (the first and only sprint I did in my entire life). Uncle Chan has brought the event a notch up this year with participation swell over 2000 triathletes (including sprint & relay category) and new format (beach run after swim) compare to previous years. I also brought my kids along to stay at Avillion Admiral Cove. Thanks to Ezan & Ish for the room.

Avillion Admiral Cove
Ian & Dmi were excited to go to the beach. I let them playing with the sand while I warmed up for open water swim. Then we continue at hotel's pool.
Fun time with kids
The race kit collection was congested because many people arrived in the afternoon. Race briefing was conducted at night after carbo-loading. I was late for the dinner and the hotel ran out most of the food but I was lucky when Nik Raiha managed to grab a seat for me and we walloped the uneaten leaf over food at VIP table while listening to the briefing. As usual Uncle Chan loves telling his jokes "basi" during the briefing and we "otais" heard it many times before. But he still very entertaining to all of us.
Race kit collection and race briefing
Other than newbies like Ibrahim, OP Iran, OP Syed, OP Sean, there were many old faces too like OP Stupe, Ishal, OP Azrin, Awe, Juli, Fairul, Rizal, Suet Fong, Azman, Hsing Ling and others. 
This is the first time I race in triathlon without my wristwatch. The swimming leg was horrible, too many people and I was kicked in the face several times by breaststrokers. I don't understand why these people swim breaststroke when front crawl is the best form to conserve energy. Next year I must strategize how to swim away from the crowd. After swimming we had to do beach run for about 1.5km before entering T1.
Surprisingly, cycling leg was easy. I haven't ride my old steed Aqua Sapone since PD Tri last year but luckily it still moving as fast as before and it didn't give me any problem during the race. My legs were a bit tired in the first half but suddenly I could cycled faster in the second half and several people drafting behind me for several kilometers.
I was pretty sure I can clock sub 1 hour in running leg because the distance was only 8.5km and I have been running here and there all this while. I was wrong, since I didn't do brick training both my legs refused to increase the pace. So my pace similar to running a marathon and I didn't feel tired at all. It was good because I could keep some energy to drive back to KL but my timing gone la! 
I didn't know what was my timing when I crossed finish line but I'm pretty sure it gonna be worse.
After the race
After some photo session with buddies, immediately I went back to the hotel to shower and check out. Dmi insisted he wants to watch "Despicable Me2" and being a good father we dropped by at the eCurve and managed to catch 3:30pm show before send them back. As expected, I was sleeping in the cinema throughout the show.
More medal for collection

Yup, my guess turns out right!!
  1. Swim: 00:47:51
  2. Bike: 01:34:23
  3. Run: 01:07:23
  4. TOTAL: 03:29:38
Officially, this year my worst ever PD Tri. But I don't mind at all because I didn't train for the race; I only swam 1.6km two weeks before and zero mileage on the bike since PD Tri last year. So, my performance still ok what?? The most important thing is I enjoyed the race :)

Thanks to photographer to Vivien Tay, Nik Fahusnaza & Ann for some of the photos above.


@nannoor said…
screw the timing la kam, yang penting kita enjoyyyy!!
see u when i see u ok! :D
eezard_vazz said…
Congratz bro! Otai2 PD Tri nih menten je, xtrain pon timing still ok what, xdela ke laut... Menarik nih triathlon, patut dicuba tahun dpn nih... need to take swimming class la nampaknya... Haish...
che'burn said…
nak cube buat tri..tp xreti berenang..brenang doggy style bole x?? kah kah kah...
Anonymous said…
nice fotos Kam. like the way you put them together. all the best in future events. ur sons are getting handsome by the years.

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