Malakoff 12km Run

Nothing much to say about the race. It was same as last year and a good lung bursting race for newbies. To me 12km run is like a daily training except this one on hilly course. I mean very hilly 2 loops circuit. I met many usual suspects and new people too, and one of them is my blog reader Mr. Burn.  Like Burn, Azim & a few others who knew me via my blog, they said they get inspired to take-up running after reading my blog (errr... really?!) Maybe they just trying to be nice to me. Well, I'm glad to be able to help people finding their passion in running. They are slowly improving their performance and even some of them are running faster than me now. Hmmm... I gotta train harder in order to stay ahead of them. 

Looking forward to my last race of 2012 on 30th December (if there is no "end of the world " on 21st December).



im one of you blog readers too and i just completed my 1st marathon last november.

you dont know how you had inspired people like me (a former couch potato) in a big way.

Keep writing.

p/s i've linked your blog to mine
RaYzeef said…
congrats. you looked pretty in pink :P
Kam Kasturie said…
Bro Syafei, thank you for the link. I'm very happy to know that I had inspired you in a way. Well done on your 1st marathon. I'm sure many more will come. Keep running and improving your timing.
My goal not so much about improving my timing but documenting all my races so that I will inspire more people to live a healthy lifestyle. Cheers!

Ray... pink is my feminine side. Hahaha.

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