Hatyai Marathon 2013

It was last minute decision to join Hatyai Marathon after Ray invited me to join the trip together with other fellow runners. There were quite a big number of Malaysian runners took part in this race. First group went together  with me on the day before Wesak Day were Ray, Eena, Razinah, Aniza, Aizat, Nannoor & her hubby Ibrahim. Thanks to Arman & Zinov for sending us away at Puduraya. Azmil, Azri, Lily & Erra joining us on the second day.

Puduraya to Hatyai took us about 12 hours
We didn't waste the opportunity to visit popular tourist spots such as Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj and Klonghae Floating Market
One of many tourist spots in Hatyai

There were many people probably due to Wesak day
Fantastic view up here
Can see Hatyai City

Panoramic view
Klonghae Floating Market is food heaven for those who like to eat and willing to try exotic food
Another a must visit place in Hatyai

Many great food here
On second day, we went to Jiranakorn Stadium for marathon registration and carbo-loading

In front of stadium entrance
Makan lagi
This photo created controversy in my facebook
My friend a Malay guy warned me via FB pm, it is big sin trying to imitate Buddhist. He even attached  an Internet link about it to me. I don't believe it, this came from a close minded guy who has been living in Japan for years. The flowers around my neck a Garland or Lei Necklace similar to the one a visitor got it in Hawaii was given to me by a Thai female marathon ambassador who is Muslim and she's wearing a hijab even when running a marathon. The hands gesture is how Thai people showing respect to other people. Just like Malay did when we go to see the sultan or Japanese bowing to other people. And the "Khop kun krap" means "thank you" in Thai and not a religious mantra. Anyone trying to lecture me on this, go mind your own business.

A well known marathon star in Thailand. She ran faster than me and longer distance too.
The race started at 3:30am at Jiranakorn Stadium. With around 200 marathon runners, the event actually quite small. It took me only few seconds to cross start line although I was standing near at the back.
A happy snap inside the stadium

We met many more familiar faces at the starting line

We ran in the dark for the first half
After U-turn, I bumped into Azmil and we ran together until finish line.
Quite a boring route :(


Clocked 5:12 hr and I feel good
Well done everybody! Everyone in our group completed the race. And Eena managed to get podium finishing 4th in her age category.


Unknown said…
I hope next year I can join whoever going to marathons outside Malaysia...yang dekat2 je lah. At least once kan. Hehe.
Hmm...ada jugak lagi yang confused between culture & religion. If they genuinely 'care' about a friend, they should probably do some thorough research first sebelum nak sound2.
Kam Kasturie said…
Lain kali boleh join Kak Millie. Bwk sekali husband & anak2 berjalan.

Tu la, diorang ni cepat jer komen tak check betul2. Dulu pun ada anonymous tinggalkan komen kat dlm blog ni on my Krabi trip posting. Dia kata "hope you burn in hell". WTF is that for??
RaYzeef said…
great trip. next year kena buat lagi :)

p.s. Kam abaikan je mamat yg komen guna Anon tu...sakit mental tu, kurang kasih sayang..wakaka.
Kalau mamat tu berani komen gunalah nama sendiri, kalau dah keturunan pengecut nak buat macamana ..hehe
Unknown said…
Hey. Just read this. Thanks for the mention. Tak sia-sia dibakar matahari and kena torture dengan pacer for 4hrs 45mins :p
Wonderful trip it was. Met some really nice, gila-gila fellow runners. And nice to have met you too.
And thanks Kam for typing this entry in a legible font!

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