Malaysian Women Marathon 2013

Initially I was planning to be a photographer for the race but then Karen (MWM Race Director) approached me if I'm interested to be a pacer because there were ladies mentioned my name to be their a pacer. Really...?? I doubt it... hahaha. Then I received a message from Kak Millie my childhood friend which we never met each other since we were in primary school about 30 years ago. I learned that she also into running and MWM will be her first attempt to run her first marathon. Later, we planned for a 30km run in Putrajaya in March together with Hanim and that was the first time I met her after all along. Married with 4 kids and over 40 year-old, she looked pretty quite a strong runner.  

First half
This is the fourth time I paced marathon virgins after Diana, Suraya & OP Iran. I promised kak Millie not only to complete the race but the timing should be around 6 hours. The first 10km we ran together with her good friends Nannoor & Lina. While Hanim has long gone with her pacer to clock sub 5 hours. We took a short break for Subuh prayer at Petronas station near Stadium. She had no problem at all in the first half.

Second half
In second half of the race, she still has the energy and Nannoor managed to catch up with us near UiTM Shah Alam. After a few kilometers, Nannoor dropped her pace and both of us continued our quest to finish the race in 6 hours. We were lucky because the weather was cloudy and not too hot. Even after 30km she still didn't hit the wall, amazing!! All I did to keep her moving was pace counting and some catching up games with other runners to make sure she doesn't walk. She didn't slow down the least bit throughout the last few kilometers and we crossed the finish line in 6:13 including short break for Subuh prayer. Well done Kak Millie!!

That's the feeling I can't describe for her (photo courtesy of Siew Shen)
And she already signed up for another marathon in September. Ohhh nooo.... she had been bitten up by a marathon bug!! Hope her husband doesn't mind and will be very supportive. Check out the story from herself here.

After the race


Unknown said…
Wait...did you mean "pretty strong runner" or "pretty AND strong runner"..? Hahahahaa...!!
I think the hardest was the final 5km. I welcomed the inclines sebab ada alasan nak jalan & regain my thoughts. Mental sikit. I meant what I said in my blog, masa tu rasa macam nak Turie heret I, physically. Haha..(it didn't feel funny at that time, it felt serious).

Thank you again :)

Thank goodness RJM lambat lagi. Tak la look forward sgt2 lagi, esp the training. Lagipun RJM nanti takde pacer. (I am spoiled).
Kam Kasturie said…
PRETTY and strong runner ;)

Join jer le Sabun punye run every month kat Putrajaya tu. Try do 30km, sure RJM nanti boleh buat sub 6.
eezard_vazz said…
Congratz Kak Millie... Jgn risau RJM nanti saya bole jadi pacer angkat... hehe... Misi memburu Sub6 pon belum tercapai lagi nih... Kena train harder utk next run in Hat Yai nih... Caiyukk2... =D

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