3rd Putrajaya 12-Hour Walk

My first ever walking competition and I took it to the extreme by participating in 12 hours walk. I was being a bit gung-ho, I've done Ironman and Ultramarathon, how worse can it be taking part in a walking competition?? It's just walking!!! (talking to myself when I sign-up for the race). Later I found out, it wasn't easy as it seems. Walking involves different muscle group compare to running and I did suffer a big time during the race later because I totally screwed up with a right walking technique.

There were a few usual faces I met at the event site. Thanks to Arman & Zul for a wonderful dinner. They brought family together and it was like a picnic complete with picnic mats, tents and BBQ. Ultraman Ray was also there to cheer and give us moral support.

Before race & at start line
The race started at 8pm on Saturday night 8th December and the cut-off on the following day at 8am. I was walking non-stop for 3 hours before taking a break and reloading myself. Most of the time I walked with Zinov. We helped pacing each throughout the race. During the race, I met many new friends like Lorraine, Sabri, Suzie and few others which I don't remember their names.
During the race
12 hours later, the race won by a Swedish walker named Christer. He completed 104km in 12 hours. Amazing!! Norliana is the winner for women category did 94km with the same time. Superb!! While an ordinary man like me only managed to do 56km. OK lor....
After the race
Well, 12-hour walk is a mental game because you going round and round and round on the same 1km loop. But it is doable by anyone with any level of stamina and any size of body. You just need to be a tough nut to crack and continue walking for 12 hours. Definitely will do it again next year.
My first ever medal in walking competition
Not bad, I got placing number 66 out of 514 walkers in Men Category
video is here (don't know why the embedded one missing)


eezard_vazz said…
Well done Kam for your debut Ultra Walkathon... Congrtaz bro... Looks like walking is not that easy peasy, especially for 12 hours continuously... Definitely will try to do it next year...

This year haven't got the guts yet to do Ultras... 2013 will be my Ultra Year, insya Allah.. =D
Kam Kasturie said…
THanks! You should try bro. Different experience compare to running.
RaYzeef said…
Congrats Kam, it was a pleasure to support and watched you guys suffer...hehe
che'burn said…
Hai Bang Kam..remember me? burn from the Malakoff. we've met after the race at the parking.

Wow, ultra walking huh?? *fengsan!*

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