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Mc Donald's Run or Larian Olimpik

I never saw so many people started to run at the same time. Altho there were 10 diff categories, the organizer let go everybody at the same time. The road was jammed pack and i had to maneuver between the people. Ran together with Ala & his brother Chip. He brought along his parent and his sister in-law to run the race. Very active & healthy family. My timing....hmmm shame la to tell. For 7km run, we did 50 mins..... loser!


Talk is cheap. It's easy to have big dreams and set high goals. The true test of commitment is not talking but doing it. Racing to complete my first Ironman can't be an on-again, off-again endeavor. It's full time commitment - a passion. Achieving the pinnacle of excellence requires living, breathing, eating, sleeping triathlon everyday... literally.

JSKL Biathlon

What's the difference between duathlon & biathlon???
Duathlon is run-bike-run, while biathlon is swim-run.
JSKL Biathlon was my first ever biathlon. It was organized by Iwata-san the well-known Japanese athlete among our fraternity. Actually the race was like an international event. There were several other nationalities took part in the race. As usual Steve, Karo & Azman was there, also Abu came cheering his daughter and Mejar Kalam with the whole family was in the race too. It was fun race for me. Wish I could bring Ian & Dmi to join the race.