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Trail Running at FRIM

Training for ultra trail marathon has just begun last week. I ran 17km trail running twice in a week (just one day apart) at FRIM. Beautiful trail, serene skies, tranquil life, peaceful environment and alone most of time in the jungle all by myself.

Thank you Celcom for a free iPhone5

When my boss found out this is my first iPhone, he commented I was not cool enough for not using Apple products. Actually, my first PC was Macintosh Performa 5200. I was a Mac User before I learn to use Windows.
Why didn't I buy iPhone before, because I already have Blackberry given by my company. To me, Blackberry already served the purpose. Only recently, I was planning to buy either iPhone or S3 because my Blackberry keeps having problem. Based on technical specification S3 is more superior than iPhone but iPhone IOS gives better user experience compare to Android. I was about to buy an iPhone, when all Celcom staff received an e-mail saying that we all going to get an iPhone5 each. Of course, we thought it was a prank initially until our CEO Dato Shaz mentioned it in his 25th anniversary video recording, we convinced it is a real deal.
Many of our friends who are not working with Celcom are jealous when the news spreading over facebook. Tell you what, you can also enjoy this …

The Inaugural Malaysian Women Marathon

This is much awaited event for all ladies out there who wish to race in women only event. It will be held on 7th April 2013 in i-City Shah Alam. 

Pls refer to this link for detail.
By the way, if you wish to run your first marathon and do not have confidence or a pacer to help you continue pounding the tarmac. Wait no more ladiesssss!!! The most eligible Ironman (ehemm ehemm that's me ;) ) will take you to the finish line in one piece. Thanks to hotmama Karen Loh for promoting my name to be a pacer in this race. Let's register and c'mon join bunch of other ladies that already under my wings to complete their first ever marathon. Don't worry my darling, I'll be gentle... hehehe
OK, my target is to pace them to complete the race in 6 hours. In order to clock 6 hours timing you must have done sub 3-hour half marathon before. If you never run a half marathon before, don't dream of doing a full marathon. Although marath…

MPIB 12km Run

Opening event for 2013. Managed to clocked 1:15 hrs despite having running nose & fever.

Get better soon Ian...

I don't feel like to do any 2012 reflections or celebrate new year. Just hoping my boy Ian will get better soon. Lucky, his mummy & stepfather took quick action brought him for thorough check-up before doctor found out he has acute appendicitis. It can be fatal if inflamed appendix to rupture and immediate surgery took place last Saturday. I spent two nights at the hospital looking after him. Well he's very heavy, needs me to help him stand-up to go to the toilet. Now he's recovering at his mummy's place. Thanks to  those visiting him at the hospital. It did bring both sides of the family closer again. Get well soon Ian.
And HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 to blog readers! 新年明けましておめでとうございます。今年もよろしくお願いします。