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SCKLM 2017 - Half Marathon

I think I never run half marathon in SCKLM before. My initial intention is to run full marathon but then Fiza asking me to pace her for HM. We target to run sub 2 but a month before the race she had an accident when her brand new KTM Duke 690R tilted over and landed on her feet. With swollen feet, she couldn't exercise and there goes our plan to clock sub 2 HM. Nevertheless, we had so much fun on the race day although Fiza wasn't fully recovered yet.

KTM Duke 690R - Ronda-ronda layan korner


KTM Duke 690R with Power Bomb

Recently, Fiza bought herself a Duke 690R and it comes with power bomb installed by replacing the catalytic converter. This result lighter bike and powerful loud sound. I think the sound very cool and it makes people turn their heads around to see what bike is it. So, I get power bomb for my Duke last week paid by Fiza as birthday gift... thank you sayang ;). Also, changed a new camshaft after the old one badly scratched from jammed rocker arm.

I went riding to Muar & Segamat last weekend, I can feel every thump on my chest with the thumping sound. It is also fun when I pulled the throttle a bit right near the traffic lights and it lets out an explosive boom that always scares people around...hahaha. Hope my neighbours won't hate me. :D