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White water rafting at Sungai Padas

The exciting adrenalin rush tour took me down to wave 6 feet tall thrilling rapids category IV through the untamed part of Padas River claimed to be the best in South East Asia. The adventure covers a distance of 9km of muddy 200km Padas River that hold 7 exciting & nasty rapids with amusing name such as Merry-go-round rapid, Break Point rapid, Scooby Doo rapid, Cobra rapid, Curve rapid, Lambada rapid & Head Hunter rapid! (Murut people famously known as the "Head Hunter")   The journey first took about 1:30 hours travel from Kota Kinabalu to Beaufort Town. From thereupon, the adventure begins with 2 hours train ride tracks along Padas River. Upon arriving at start point at Pangi station, we were given safety briefing before jump into the river. The ultimate challenge speaks for itself as we paddled through crescendo rough & nasty rapids one after another beating us left and right from start to finish. I almost lost my contact lens during the rafting. After rafti…

PJ Dawn 2012

This is recovery run after I ran a marathon on the previous weekend. Started from Stadium Kelana Jaya at 3am (yeah, we are crazy people who didn't sleep to run a race) heading to Subang Airport then to Ara Damasara before going back to the finish line at stadium. I clocked the fastest 10km (52min), I reached 15km mark in 1:27 hrs. At this point sub 2hr seems possible but I was bonked from 18km onward. Dang! Anyway, I still did my PB for half marathon in 2:15hr. A PB while doing a recovery run??? Unbelievable huh!

Borneo International Marathon 2012

Completed my 15th marathon with PB... in Malaysia. I ran too fast in the first half. Sub 1 hour first 10km. I reached 15km mark in 1:29hr and 20km mark in 2:05hr.... but 2nd half... PANCIT!!!
However, I managed to clock PB in Malaysia 5:12hr. Yahooo! I think this is the race if you want to clock PB other than Penang Bridge Marathon.