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A short honeymoon trip to Nusa Penida

I have been dreaming of going for a honeymoon in Bali since the day I got married... I mean since my first marriage in 1999. But I never had a chance to go until the second marriage, although it was 16 months after the actual ceremony...hehe.
It was an impromptu action, Fiza decided to go and I just follow her along. She said, let it be a birthday treat for me. The place so beautiful, we had so much fun together there and we fell in love with each other all over again.
People said Nusa Penida is like Bali before it was commercialized. Not many tourists coming here, and to get to the tourist spots you have to ride a motorbike or car very far on the treacherous long winding bumpy road. If you never ride a motorcycle, it is not advisable to ride one here, better hire a driver. You also need to be physically fit to explore these places which involved hiking through dangerous steep slopes and stairs. But the view was breathtaking and you forgot all the struggles once you reached the spots…

Dmi is a newboy in RMC

Dmi is never hesitated to join RMC even though he already spent 3 years in SDAR. I met his teachers and many discouraging him from leaving SDAR. I know SDAR is a good school especially in academic. But I believe he will learn more about life in RMC.

I told him to just go for the selection and think about it later if he got the offer. So, the selection took place in RMC for a week in January. It was a very stringent process and only creme-de-creme will be selected to be Putera. Luckily, it was smooth sailing for him and after the final interview, he got the offer. Other than him, my batchmate's son OP Budin also got selected from MCKK. These boys are all coming from good schools. The Komandan has ensured the selected boys will be trained and educated properly to be the best product the college ever produced.