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RMAF Half Marathon 2008

The largest take-off thousands of runners at the Sungai Besi Royal Malaysian Air Force Base runaways at 6.30am. The last RMAF Half Marathon was 10 years ago and this one was held in conjunction of RMAF 50th Celebration on 1 June. The runners was flagged off by RMAF Chief of Staff in very fashionable way by using para-flares & thunder-flash. Last time I saw these during battle trainings in RMC. The sky was lighted with dozens of them. I started a bit late coz busy doing my business in the toilet...hehehe

When I started run, the starting line was cleared. I was 5 minutes behind but managed to catch up. Running on the runway was an exciting experience with all the flares gliding down above our heads. The course more or less same like KLIM. The weather was great and my pace also great. Since I've been left behind, I've no intention to increase speed. Met Haza at Jalan Istana. Also met up with Joejo near Jalan Sultan Ismail and I decided to accompany him all the way. He did pret…

Malakoff Charity Ride 2008 - Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Terengganu - 480km journey

"It wasn't easy but worth the torture". What else can I say about this event. The Malakoff Charity Ride 2008 was held from 17-19 May. The intensive cycling of 150-160km daily for 3 days from Gombak to Kuala Terengganu is to raise more than RM60k for charity homes located en route. It has been rewarding experience to help the less fortunate.

From SWS staff I managed to collect RM377 and plus from Bandit's company & others like Chief Kutus in total we collected nearly RM800 given to Rumah Anak Yatim & Kebajikan Darul Izzah Temerloh. I personally handed the money to Ustaz Zul.

Malakoff has done great jobs organizing the tour with 70 cyclists on the first day to more than 100 on the final day (joined by cyclist club in Kemaman) with full support of police car, police riders/marshal controlling the traffics, support 4WDs & a lorry with tons of mineral, sport drinks & bananas (yes... we were monkeys) & one ambulance followed us from behind in case accide…

A Famosa Triathlon 2008

1st of 2008 triathlon series. Did better than last year. Completed the race in 3:33. Gotta practice more on swimming and do more brick training combining a two or more legs. The most important thing.... I had so much fun!!!