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4x4 to Lata Chelir, Raub

Celcom Sports Club organized a 3 days 2 nights charity 4x4 trip to Lata Chelir in Raub. Early morning on the first day, we gathered in Celcom and there were 8 4WD trucks in the convoy. First stop we went to Mydin Selayang to pick up food and stuff for the charity. Drive to Kampung Orang Asli about 200km from KL via Karak Highway, Bentong and Raub. After the charity giving ceremony to the rep of village head, we went straight to the camping ground. The camping ground right in the middle of the forest was only 7km away but the trip took us about 12 hours due to rough terrain. We reached the destination at 4am in the morning. I think if I run, I can complete the distance in less than 2 hours. Nevertheless, it was an interesting trip. Thanks to Faez & Ridzwan for inviting Fiza & me to join the trip.