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Newton Challenge 25km

Closing this year racing calendar with Newton Challenge 25km. But how ironic, my first event this year also Newton Challenge 25km on 1st January. Clocked 2:53hrs, including 10 minutes break for Subuh prayer at Petronas Station along the route.

Not many usual suspects as I expected. Before the race I met Wani, a cute girl who's enjoying jungle trekking. First few KM after the race started,  I ran with Noradzmudin. Not sure who's pacing who. Then met Ray at Petronas station when I stopped for Subuh prayer. Ray has done 25km x 2 loops started at 2am. Yeah, that guy is crazy! I also ran the last 5km with OP Azrin my junior in RMC. He's in very good shape. 
After the race, met many more friends like IM Nik Raiha, Edan Syah, OP Upak, OP, Monzar, Elhan, Azman, Hadi (he didn't race, he was a photographer), Azman, etc
 Two Newton Challenge's finisher medals this year.
 Record breaking this year, I've done 20 races. Let see if I can do more in 2013.

OPA Father & Sons Camp

Well done to OPA for organizing Father & Sons camp this year. I remember they had similar program several years ago camping on a private island in Johor but this time we camped at Kem Hutlista, Ulu Yam not far from Batu Dam. The organizer lead by OP Sany had done a good job to ensure the program runs smoothly. We gathered at OPA building, Saujana Subang before leaving to Kem Hutlista riding behind two 3-tonners. There were nearly 50 people joined the program and half of the fathers were my batch mates in RMC. Our batch already planning to do another camping next year so that we can bring our daughters, wives and girlfriends to join.
After we reached the destination, we had a short briefing and distribution of ponchos, mess tins, water bottles and army rations for our meal. It has been so many years since the last time I had my army ration in RMC. I can say, the rations have been improvised so much better now. I think I can still eat the rations for several day now, unlike annual c…

Malakoff 12km Run

Nothing much to say about the race. It was same as last year and a good lung bursting race for newbies. To me 12km run is like a daily training except this one on hilly course. I mean very hilly 2 loops circuit. I met many usual suspects and new people too, and one of them is my blog reader Mr. Burn.  Like Burn, Azim & a few others who knew me via my blog, they said they get inspired to take-up running after reading my blog (errr... really?!) Maybe they just trying to be nice to me. Well, I'm glad to be able to help people finding their passion in running. They are slowly improving their performance and even some of them are running faster than me now. Hmmm... I gotta train harder in order to stay ahead of them. 
Looking forward to my last race of 2012 on 30th December (if there is no "end of the world " on 21st December).

3rd Putrajaya 12-Hour Walk

My first ever walking competition and I took it to the extreme by participating in 12 hours walk. I was being a bit gung-ho, I've done Ironman and Ultramarathon, how worse can it be taking part in a walking competition?? It's just walking!!! (talking to myself when I sign-up for the race). Later I found out, it wasn't easy as it seems. Walking involves different muscle group compare to running and I did suffer a big time during the race later because I totally screwed up with a right walking technique.

There were a few usual faces I met at the event site. Thanks to Arman & Zul for a wonderful dinner. They brought family together and it was like a picnic complete with picnic mats, tents and BBQ. Ultraman Ray was also there to cheer and give us moral support.
The race started at 8pm on Saturday night 8th December and the cut-off on the following day at 8am. I was walking non-stop for 3 hours before taking a break and reloading myself. Most of the time I walked with Zino…

I bought a camera that everyone hates it !!

If I'm married now, I'm sure my wife will smack my face for buying another camera only a week after I bought TG-1. Lucky I'm not and nobody is going to nag until my ears bleeding.
You guys must be asking why another camera. Well, why not having two cameras?? I know some people have 4-5 cameras in their possession and they are not professional photographers, just enthusiasts. I love photography, I've been taking photos since I was in primary school using my father's Minolta. Actually, I used to have DSLR Sony Alpha A300 couple years ago before I sold it off to my nephew last year. He didn't even finish pay off the camera until now. I don't have a heart to force him to settle it off, at least the camera has a new owner who still using it until now.
OK, what kind of camera actually I bought? I was thinking of Sony RX100 but it is still P&S "Point & Shoot" compact camera with RM2600 price tag. I don't want to buy another compact camera bec…

Wan Cu & Tok Cu

This is my dad's auntie, fondly known as Wan Cu Semah. She's been raised by my late great grandmother since small although no direct blood related. To my dad she's like a mother to him after my late grandmother passed away 15 years ago. We went to visit Wan Cu Semah & her husband Tok Cu Lazim. Tok Cu was a policeman and used to work in Singapore. He reminds me of Clint Eastwood. Tough old guy. They have 7 children, two dozens of grandchildren and a dozen great grandchildren. These octogenarians still healthy and strong. 

TG-1, my new running companion

Introducing my new running companion in many upcoming races in the future.... (drum roll pls....)
Olympus TG-1 iHS !!!

It looks so much better than other tough cameras out there. Other models I considered before I buy TG-1 were Lumix DMC-TS4, Coolpix AW100, DSC-TX20 & Optio WG2. Why did I choose TG-1? Simply because the aperture F2.0. Fast lens is very crucial when I need to take photo in very low light condition and high speed photography especially during the race. Other tough features including dustproof, 100kgf crushproof, shockproof from 2 meter drop, -10C freezeproof and 12 meter deep waterproof. Very deep actually but I still need waterproof casing if I want to bring it for diving because we dive beyond 12 meter deep. Even the movie in HD 1080p.

Checkout some of the photos I captured below
Ladies will love this features. The camera can beautify you!!

 Before this, I had to snap 3 photos at different exposure level and combine the photo manually using Photoshop just to get H…