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Mission failed! Sundown Ultra 100km

Sometimes you may think you are mentally ready for a race but physically you are not. This is the case when I got DNFed in Sundown Ultra 100km (SDU100k) last Sunday. I wanted to do exactly what I did in Penang Bridge Marathon several times, I traveled to the race venue on the race day and arrived just several hours before the race starts. Unfortunately, marathon and ultra marathon are two different ball games. It was hard-learned lesson in SDU100k for me. Mistake no.1: I traveled on the race day. Travel to the country or town where the ultra race is going to be held at least a day before. If the traveling going to take more than two hours, it is better be there one day before.Mistake no.2: I didn't get enough rest.Ultra marathon is not a 5-hour race. You must get plenty of rest and it is advisable to change your sleeping pattern a bit, in case the race is going to be through out the night. Mistake no.3: Body was not in tiptop condition. Make sure you are injury free and in tip top…

River Jungle Marathon 2013

Too lazy to write... just have a look at the photos.

* Thanks to Khairi, Tey, Mohan, YC, Deo, Aron, Sean, Neoh, Ken, Rashid and Michelle for beautiful photos :)

Group Advanced Data Hari Raya Open House

Hari Raya open house like we always did every year