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Sir Ken Robinson bring on the revolution

This is exactly how I feel about our education system. I never enjoy what I do for living. I want my kids to be what they want to be. Not what I want or teachers want them to be.

New year resolutions??

Like anyone else, I was questioned by my friends about new year resolutions. Hmmm... not that I don't have one but it is always like previous years... to take part in races as many as possible, to improve my PB and to get to know as many girls as I can.... bla bla bla... But then, someone asked me why not putting "getting married" as one of the resolutions. Yeah, very tricky question but I have the answer why I don't want that to happen yetEven my ex-MIL also asked similar question over and over again because her daughter already married and live happily ever after, while I'm still struggling with my life.... NOT! No, I'm not under pressure.... my life is great! Better than before :)Normally, my standard answer is "belum ada jodoh" or I haven't met someone I love. I still believe I need to be in love to get married and not to repeat mistake like the first one.Well, my main reason isn't that. When we got divorced, I told my ex whatever happen…