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OPA/RMC Grand Fondo

An inaugural cycling event organized by OPA together with RMC. Initially, I was thinking of joining the marshal on motorcycle but on second thought, why not start cycle back after 2 years of resting. Thanks to OP Iran for lending me his bicycle. OP Ala requested me to be marshal on bicycle because as cyclist, I may notice if other cyclist runs into trouble during the event. We split into 3 big groups and I was in Group C. The slowest of all groups.

The highlight was Bukit Hantu after the junction at Semenyih Dam heading to Pekan Batu 14 Hulu Langat. Many people were pushing their bike up the hill.
We completed the ride around 1500hrs at RMC with total distance 125km.

King of Kemensah Trail 21km

My first run at Kemensah Trail although this place only stone throw away from my home. Small event with about 200 runners for both 10km and 20km categories. The Pacat Team did an excellent job organizing this race. They received very goods support from State Government, MPAJ and JKKK Kg. Kemensah.
I met many familiar faces and unfamiliar faces. This is like a gathering of running community, especially for a person like me who rarely joined any training groups because I hate training. I didn't really put much training effort in any of my races this year. Maybe I'm about to hit my burnout level soon.
Nevertheless, I completed the race in 2:22 hr. Not fast but with undulating terrains I think not bad for an old dude like me...hehehe. 

3R Marathon

It seems most of my races recently happened in Putrajaya. Good race but I was darn slow. Crossed finish line in 5:52.

Team OP at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

Just a few days before the race OP Saharuddin contacted me if I'm interested to replace him in OP relay team because he can't make to race due to work commitment in Dhaka. Initially, I was very interested because I thought he wants me take up the running leg. But then he mentioned, I have to swim for the team because the other two members cannot swim. I told him I'm not sure if I can do it because I have not swim for the past 2 years after PD Tri in 2014. It took me until the next day to confirm with him. I have no time to training because busy at work for GST deployment, not even swim practice at the race venue on Saturday morning. The other two team members OP Monzar (cyclist) and OP Sopet (runner) were pretty much ready for the race. At that moment, I felt so nervous because the fate of the team relies on me. If cannot finish the swim within cut off, the team will be DQed,..... stress! 
I went to Putrajaya around noon on Saturday to pick up race kit and listen to race …

R8 Mindakod Akinabalu

The project was suggsted by OP Ala to celebrate our 40th birthday in 2014. However, it took few months to book the climb date with Mount Kinabalu Park authority and to get everyone to improve their fitness level for the climb. 
The climb was scheduled on 24th January before we were told there was a mistake in booking the slots by the guide during the briefing that night. Everything became havoc and some of us were angry because we have to purchase new flight tickets, rearrange the our annual leaves and rebook our accommodation. The guide should have informed us the changes at least a week before not the night before. Fortunately, we agreed to just proceed with the new date since everyone is here already.

 The guide booked a place at Kundasang on him for us to stay after he screwed up the date. I think it was blessing in disguise because we can start the travel to Kinabalu Park a bit late (only 10 minutes away) and we could have a sumptuous carbo-loading dinner at OP Akak Dun's re…