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Camping in Janda Baik

This is one of a few weekend getaway places near to Kuala Lumpur. Just under an hour drive, you will get to enjoy the green forest and fresh air. Too bad, nowadays many city slickers unable to blend themselves with the nature. They so used to be indoor and they missed out all the fun to be outdoor. They are too "manja", their body cannot take mosquito bites at all.   Joining the trip were OP Doc Raja and OP Sean together with their wives and kids. OP Iran has three girls is married to an Argentinian. OP Doc Raja and his wife Doc Azura have two girls. OP Sean is married to Ila has two boys and I married to nobody brought along my two heroes Ian and Dmi.   OP Iran and OP Doc Raja are used to camp around this area several times before. This time around they suggested Zaini Guest House. There are many guesthouses, chalets, camping grounds and even a hotel is available in Janda Baik. The place will be very busy during the weekends. We went there on the weekdays, although it was …

2014 KTM Duke 690R

One of the wishes I have in my bucket list is to own a big bike before I hit 40. Long time ago (in year 1997 to be exact), when I came back from Japan after finished my studies, I wanted to cry looking at the price tag of big cc motorcycles in Malaysia. Due to all kind of taxes imposed by the government, they are ridiculously expensive!! Probably, the most expensive in the world! (How ironic, big bikes are cheaper in Singapore than here??) With fresh grad salary I was getting at that time, there was no way I could afford to buy one. If I want to purchase one, I have to choose between own a big bike or a car. With family on the way I had to choose the later. With a car I can ferry my family around.
Fast forward to the present time, only at end of last year I realized I still didn't fulfill this wish. I already have in my mind a few bikes within my budget to consider including Monster, Shiver, Versys, Dorsoduro, 800GS, Z800, Street Triple. Finally, I chose KTM Duke 690. There are 2…