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Father’s week!

2nd week of school holidays is father’s week. Yes, they were with me and we had so much fun. We went out to Wangsa Walk every night for 6 days.They are very close together. I had no choice but to take Syukran along.With new friend Ian. Hey, he’s name also Ian.Wayne Rooney wanna be in full England jerseyYup…. He wants to be Messi…. not messy ya ;)One day driving trip KL-JB-KL was really tiring. So, we took a bus this time around and they were very happy. Don’t be sad my babies… we’ll see each other again soon. Father’s week was a bonding time and we had a great time together.

Classic All Black vs World XV

Classic All Black doing their opening Haka Dance…. With my RMC buddies Great match Conversion kick Dressed up to go dating but she couldn’t make it :P The All Black star “Jonah Lomu”. He was sluggish during the match but he still the legend. After game lepak at Stupe’s place. It was Nadia’s b’day party actually.

Macam-macam adaaaaa…..

I won Indoor Triathlon Challenge organized by Fitness Concept last weekend at Alamanda. What was the grand prize? A stay in Bali/Phuket and local resorts. And my next challenge is to choose which girl to accompany me ;) I’ve been searching this “Tombelli” brand for so long, finally I found it in Jusco AU2A. Hope this pair will last as long as my previous Tombelli. To much of facebook lately… I need a real book to read and i bought these 2 book at Borders last weekend. I’ve read Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point before. Same astounding facts unveiled like in his other books Blink & Outliers. While, Tony Parsons’ Man & Wife telling a story that close to what I’m facing in my life now. One day I hope I can write a story of my life which is quite interesting to tell too.Damn! My Samsung 1.5TB harddisk kaput last weekend. I had to buy another 500GB external HDD to back up some of deleted files in my other 350GB HDD. Lost lots of photos and videos. Sent the 1.5TB for repair last Frid…

Cellphone Operating System

Why la Celcom didn't take iPhone in :P I don't like my Berry.... it's so boring!!!!

Facebook: Facts You Didn’t Know

The only book I read lately is facebook. I'm so addicted to facebook and I check it almost everyday :P