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I'm glad to have the opportunity to go back to Japan. Now, getting ready for the trip to Tokyo in 5 more days. I forgot how cold is the winter, so I have to be ready for the bone chilling experience. Three years ago a friend borrowed all my winter jackets for Mt. Kinabalu trip but he went missing after that, and I never see my jacket since then. No choice, I went to buy a few thermal and winter clothing at Uniqlo. Lucky me, it is near end of winter so they have winter clearance sales. But I still not sure how to run a marathon in winter. Hope I don't fall sick after that. RM 5 each...Very cheap! 

I feel blessed to be surrounded by wonderful friends around me. When my plan to get a sponsorship from my company didn't turn out well, a friend managed to convince her company to consider on sponsoring my trip to Japan. Lucky me, my proposal was accepted by the Board and they are so generous they even gave me more than what I proposed. The company I'm talking about is SCYE Gl…