KTM Duke 690R with Power Bomb

Recently, Fiza bought herself a Duke 690R and it comes with power bomb installed by replacing the catalytic converter. This result lighter bike and powerful loud sound. I think the sound very cool and it makes people turn their heads around to see what bike is it. So, I get power bomb for my Duke last week paid by Fiza as birthday gift... thank you sayang ;). Also, changed a new camshaft after the old one badly scratched from jammed rocker arm.

I went riding to Muar & Segamat last weekend, I can feel every thump on my chest with the thumping sound. It is also fun when I pulled the throttle a bit right near the traffic lights and it lets out an explosive boom that always scares people around...hahaha. Hope my neighbours won't hate me. :D

Kapas-Marang International Swimathon 2017

The first and last I did this race was in April 2008. I had very bad allergic after the race and MC for 2 days. That's why I never take in the race any more after that. But this time around Fiza registered for me. Five months prior to the race day I only had one training session in the pool with 2km distance. And after the bicycle accident my arms hurt badly if I do repetitive strokes. How am I going to finish this??  My target is to finish it, doesn't matter about the timing. However, with minimal training I got minimal result, I managed to complete the race but missed the cut off in just 2-3 minutes after caught in the strong current. As expected, I was MC 2 days due to skin allergic. 

4x4 to Lata Chelir, Raub

Celcom Sports Club organized a 3 days 2 nights charity 4x4 trip to Lata Chelir in Raub. Early morning on the first day, we gathered in Celcom and there were 8 4WD trucks in the convoy. First stop we went to Mydin Selayang to pick up food and stuff for the charity. Drive to Kampung Orang Asli about 200km from KL via Karak Highway, Bentong and Raub. After the charity giving ceremony to the rep of village head, we went straight to the camping ground. The camping ground right in the middle of the forest was only 7km away but the trip took us about 12 hours due to rough terrain. We reached the destination at 4am in the morning. I think if I run, I can complete the distance in less than 2 hours. Nevertheless, it was an interesting trip. Thanks to Faez & Ridzwan for inviting Fiza & me to join the trip. 

Twincity Marathon 2017

My first event in 2017. Thanks Fiza for accompanying me for the rest of 42km. I also met OP Ikmal who was a marathon virgin during the race. Both us made it to the finish line in sub 6 hours.

Looking forward to next marathon in March.

Ironman Langkawi 2016

The final edition Ironman Langkawi 2016. Fiza has been preparing for the race for the past one year. It is not easy to training for Ironman, twice a day, 6 days a week, for 5-6 months of no social life.
She has been very dedicated and determined to finish the race no matter what. I tried my best to accompany her whenever I can during weekly training. With support from family and friends, she managed to finish her Ironman race in very good timing. Better than mine! And placing top 7 Malaysian women ranking.

iPhone 6S: my first ever iPhone I bought myself

I have used 2 iPhones before. iPhone 5 was given by Celcom which was missing after it got stolen when I accidentally left on the table at food court near my house. Although, I came back with find my iPhone app showing the phone still there, it wasn't there anymore because someone had hid it. Another iPhone was iPhone 5S loaned by Fiza.

When people are busy upgrading to iPhone 7, I look out for a previous model of iPhone 6S. Initially, I wanted to buy a new phone but later I found a refurbished iPhone on Lazada which cost half of a brand new iPhone.

It looks like a new phone that still unboxed. I hope I made a good buy.