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Putrajaya Night Run

11km run and i clocked 1:11

Siemens Run 2009

RM10 for 10km run..... berbaloi! Did my PB sub 1 hr :)
I had a chat with Kenyan runners after the race and asking what is their secret to be able to run so fast other than training and having runner's physical. He said.... 3 pieces of roti canai & 2 glasses of teh tarek every morning for breakfast. Yeahh you're right!! :P

PD Triathlon 2009

It was a great race. Did my PB 3hrs 13mins... yeah not that fast actually :P Next OD I will try to do it sub 3.

New addition to the family

All my sisters gave birth to baby boys just a few weeks apart from each other.
Dick, Tom & Harry
Everyone is here except my kids