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PD International Swimathon 2016

It was Uncle Chan's event in Port Dickson. Fiza signed up the event for me but I didn't train at all. This is the first swim I did this year. Even for 2015, I only swam twice, once in relay IM 70.3 and once was sometimes in mid year in a pool. Luckily, I managed to finish the swim. It was supposedly 2.5km but we were drifted and we swam about 3km in total.

Powerman 2016

OP Harry offered me to race with his bib because he had something else clashed on the same day. It was short distance category and was not really that tough actually. We only did 5km run - 30km ride - 5km run. I missed sub 2 hours by a minute... dang! OK la, consider no training at all.