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First trip to Perlis and Perlis Half Marathon

I never been to Perlis in my entire life. It was my first visit to a little state up north of Peninsular Malaysia which famous with her mango Harum Manis that can fetch up to RM40 per kilogram.

Kerian Duathlon 2016

First time I took part in Kerian Duathlon. Kudos to race director Freddie Ng for a very successful and fun event.

PD Isla A Isla Swim (Bagan Pinang Island - Batu Arang island)

I have not done open water swim since Kapas-Marang in 2008 and I only swam 5 times this year. Pretty tough event for off seasoned like me. Although the course only 3.5km but most of us swam around 4km and being pushed backward by the current in the middle of the sea.