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3rd Genting Midnite Run 2008

About 30 people turned up for the final Genting run before Raya & for 2008. Ngae managed to contact his old friend who is working in Genting Public Relation and arranged a reception in front of the First World Hotel. There were also security escort by Polis Bantuan Genting along the way. It was fun and hope could do it again next year.
Elevation from start to finish

Great feeling!

I just wanna say that whatever i wrote in this blog, sometimes about my personal life, i didn't mean that i'm looking for sympathy atau "menagih simpati". It's merely a way to let things out from inside me. I don't like to talk about my problem with people face to face, so this is the place to let it out. I promise no more sad entries as i'm feeling so much better now. I'm moving on. Yay!!
Since Hari Raya just around the corner, i'm looking forward to spend raya holidays with my kids. Then seriously start training for my Langkawi IM09. I've only 4 months of training and 1 month for tapering. Then the hardest part is watching out my diet. If not i can be ballooned up easily. Just look at my pix during PD tri a few months ago. I was 78 kgs compare to now 71kgs. Anyway, dun wanna miss last chance to wallop all i can during raya....hehehe

Genting midnite run (2)

The same activity but with different crowd. I improved so much compare to last weekend. A bit crampped up near the summit. Other than that, everything was fantastic. I did in sub 3 hrs, unbelievable. Addicted to it already, next week i'm gonna do it again.

The Sportsman's Prayer

A prayer inscribed on a stone at the field in my alma mater.

"Oh God, please help me to win for I always want to win. But if in thy inscrutable wisdom Thou willest me not to win, then make me a good loser. For when the one great scorer comes to write against your name, he writes not that you won or lost, but how you played the game."

This is relevant to our lives as well. Our journey might not be smooth sailing, so don't only look at the goals but how we steer our ship in the course of reaching the destinations.

Genting nite run

Our annual ritual during Ramadan is to run/cycle up to Genting Highland. Normally, we did twice every weekend but this year we started at 2nd week of puasa and only once a week. That nite, there were almost 40 of us together with the love ones as support driver took part in this run. The most interesting part was my batchmate in RMC Ala, Bandit, Boot, Budin, Upiq, Zamri, Bean were there too. It was like a reunion.It was tough for me coz i haven’t run since 1st day puasa. We started from Genting Sempah in front of McD. First stage towards Gohtong Jaya I ran together with sweet Kar Yan. Not only she got the look but she's full of the stamina too. My heart rate was 103% trying to catch up with her…. Or maybe because of other thing, only 2 of us in the dark, dirty, sweating, huffing & puffing slowly reaching the peak…sound steamy huh?:P Near Gohtong Jaya she left me behind because I stopped to fill my bottle...... errr actually because i was too slow for her level.From Gohtong Jay…

Fairy tales without happy ending??

Everyone who gets married will say their marriage is a fairy tale. Same goes to my marriage. On the day we were legally husband & wife, she said we're going to live happily ever after.... WAIT! STOP! Reality check... not all marriages last till death do us part... including mine.
On the day she wanted divorce, she was saying "this is a fairy tale wedding without happy ending". Probably true to her but not to me. I have my happy ending in this fairy tale wedding.... below are my happy endings :)

I miss them so much!