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I completed 42km KL International Marathon on my 34th birthday

This is my first KLIM. Missed last year coz I had to go to Islamabad. Coincidently, today is my birthday and the organizer announced at the event that i'm the birthday boy.

I have no mood to write in details about the run. More pix in my facebook.


Weekend with Ian & Dmi

My babies! Miss them so much!!

Virgin ride with my new babe :)

I bought my first roadbike (Specialized Aqua Sapone with Mavic Akrium wheels!!) in February and only rode it today. Thanks to a friend who lent me the cash (i didn't have enough $$$ to secure the bike in the first place). I've been drooling over a roadbike for so long. Finally I bought a secondhand one, with very good deal come together with clip pedals & Sidi shoes. The price so much cheaper than my Kona Cinder Cone. Thanks to the seller for giving me more discount after bargaining.... appreciate that bro. And thanks to Bandit too for helping me to check out the bike before I bought her. Hmm... I think should give her a name lah.

Today was more like a getting to know each other session. The ride from Batu 18 Hulu Langat to Teratak Tekala. There were many roadies on the road due public holiday today. We had breakfast of nasik lemak bungkus at a warung near picnic area. The bike was excellent! Manzoku shiteru yo! The bonding period was great just need to tweak a bit here &am…

Why divorce hurts so much?

To understand why divorce hurts so much it’s important to consider how you arrived at your current situation. I don't mean by that the fights that ultimately forced you or your partner to make the decision that continuing was too hard. Rather I mean consider the thoughts that went into you finally deciding to marry.Remember when you first met your ex? Remember this was the person that you thought complimented you, this was someone that completed you. That special person that supposedly knew you, trusted and accepted you. Someone that was kind, caring, funny, honest. Someone that would be there to watch you grow old. Someone that would one day give birth to your children and then work together with you to raise them into adults that you could be proud to tell others, "See that boy, he's my son the doctor", or how about, "You know Ian, my boy, he just released a new book on psychology. I am so proud of him!".When you got engaged and told people they congratul…

I will always remember today like I remembered my wedding day

27.08.1999 - 05.03.2008