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Putrajaya 100

I was looking forward to run this race in sub 18 hours when I signed up in mid this year. I began my training in August after long rest recuperating from surgery in April. The training plan seems following the schedule with races every month building up my mileage. Unfortunately, I had an accident after being knocked down by a motorcycle while crossing the road back from Friday prayer just one day before my back to back marathons (Putrajaya Night Marathon and StandChart KL Marathon) in October. Due to the accident I had to go through physiotherapy for several weeks and missed all my trainings. After 5 weeks of recovering, I managed to run 10km just a week before the race. Many people told me to DNS the P100. But I'm a very stubborn person, I started the race with an objective to run as far as my legs can go. When the pain kicked in I tell myself I must stop but when my body told me to stop, my mind refused to listen and keep pushing my body to continue. It was exactly what people…