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KL International Marathon 2009

The crowd was huge but badly organized :P The organizer sucked big time!My timing was 5:30.... yeah i know i was slow coz i'm a tortoise :)

OP-PP Games 2009

Went there alone. Not many Rebellicans came. Glad to be able to capture some beautiful shots with my A300. It brought back lots of memories :)

Daddy Loves You!

I held your hands when you were small
and tried to catch you should you fall,

I watched you grow into young boys
With your own hopes and dreams,

Sometimes plans we had went astray or weren't made,
Sometimes the words you spoke were not the ones I'd hoped to hear,

I saw your disappointment when situation were untrue,
Too trusting, or perhaps naive, you had to learn to be brave,

So always remember wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
The constant thread that connects us
Is my love for you

My babies - Ian & Dmi

Water babies were having fun at Desa Waterpark.
Took them to play bowling & to watch terminator at cineleisure.

1st timer Xterra Malaysia!

The only crew raced that day. I didnt waste the opportunity to try out the 1st Xterra in Malaysia. The biking part was very tough and i was swearing all the way!
Well done to all XterraMalaysia committees for not only made it happened but you guys made it a great one!