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Ironman training just started

My plan to start the training was hampered by the road closing at Putrajaya Mosque. I made an appoinment with Mat Licin to RV at the mosque and to make it worse, I left my mobile in the office previous night. I was there don't know what to do and wasn't sure where actually Mat Licin is waiting for me. So, I proceed to the pool hope Mat Licin will do the same.... well, great minds think alike. Alas, he wasn't there at all after 15 minutes. He might be going to Taman Warisan waiting for me. I don't know whose mind actually is not that great, me or him?...haha
I started cycle from Kompleks Sukan Air Putrajaya heading towards Alamanda using the highway with killer uphill stretch, i was hoping I won't get my tyres puncture as I don't have enough tools to change the tube. Or else it will turn to 15km run in cycling shoes :P  Completed 30km  in an hour.... easy peasy.
Haven't swim since Desaru tri. Today I was thinking I should do at least 1000m. The pool opened at 9…

Are we in trouble?

I am sure many of us have heard in many discussion or read headlines about the financial meltdown that hit the US, Europe and now charging at full speed to Asia. Everything seems going down everywhere in US, UK, Tokyo from stocks to commodities. This big tsunami of economy crisis is reaching our shore in no time either. Our government is trying to ensure it won't be that hard when it's here or the UMNO party election is hotter news nowadays?
The Dow Jones is plunging like mad with the mentality of "sell before I lose everything" contributed to the stock market crash and there is intense fear that the market will never recover. Before you start panicking, remember this.... history always repeat itself. The Crash in 70's, The Black Moonday in 80's and Dot Com Bubble in early 2000 when the market crashed around 30%-40% but later rallied between 100%-500% in 5-12 years. The history show the harder they fall, the stronger the bull run will follow.
What smart investo…