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Pacesetters 30km Run

No photo during the run. I didn't feel want to bring the camera. The race started at Padang Merbuk with 15km hilly loop around double hills in Bukit Tunku, Jalan Duta, Segambut Dalam. I ran extra 500m because I went back to start line after first loop when I forgot my helmet left on the bike. I was worried someone might steal it. After leaving it at baggage counter, I continued the run.
Distance-Timing 15km - 1:39:39 30.5km - 3:41:06

Putrajaya Night Marathon 2012

The most recent race last Saturday night was Putrajaya Night Marathon. Last year, I ran half-marathon and I  decided to run full this year. My brother-in-law and nephew also took part in half marathon category. We had early dinner in Galleria Putrajaya together with Ultramarathoner friends Ray, Arman, Zinov & Zul. After Maghrib prayer, at start line I met many OPs participating in the race. OP Iran & OP Upak are running their first marathon. OP Stupe runs half marathon. OP Jehan, OP Doc Raja & OP Saufi take part in 10km run. Other runners were Doc Puisan, Cikgu Syed, Mohan, Coma, Andri, Nik Raiha, Aini, Robi, Azhar, Irina, Azim, Tey, Hadi, Elhan and many others to mention here.  After Ultramarathon a month ago, I only ran 32km, not enough mileage for marathon training actually. At least, I have to run 40km-50km mileage a week and I knew I'm going to suffer the last few kilometers during the race. The pain was bearable and I completed my 20th marathon in 5:13 hour, the …

GAD's Pangkor Retreat

A week after Krabi, I had to join Group Advanced Data's Pangkor Retreat. Yup, sandy beaches again. It was company retreat with all the boring team-building activities but we also had other fun activities.

Royal 8th Krabi Trip

The trip was planned about a year ago during our trip to Taman Negara. Initially, there were about 30 of us wanted to join the trip, but "all-boy trip to Thailand" doesn't sound right to our wives. Most were denied their right to travel to Krabi and leave passes have been revoked. Eventually, only 9 of us OP Bandit, OP Ala, OP Jubes, OP Bean, OP Mandela, OP Mahin, OP Abenyu, OP Kebu & me lucky enough to be on the trip. From the airport we took a van straight to Ao Nang where the resort located. We were staying at Vipa Resort, a hut style resort with individual single rooms and chalet with rooms. Actually the resort nowhere near the beach but the place has nice view with 300 meter limestone cliff in the background. The owner of the resort Mr. Yat is a good friend to Mahin. Mahin has visited Krabi almost every year and sometimes he stayed for months to enjoy rock climbing and other activities.
After checked-in we went straight to the beach town. Ao Nang is a central po…

Rat Race 2012

Two days after my Ultramarathon, I have to run 4.7km representing Celcom in Rat Race 2012. I used this event as my recovery run because both legs still limping. Completed the race in 27 minutes and I was the first Celcom runner to cross the finishing line. Well, imagine if I'm in my tip top condition ;) 

Craze Ultra 101km Marathon

I didn't know what I get myself into when I sign-up for the race. If I can do Ironman, I'm pretty sure I can do Ultramarathon as well. But the choice between 101 km or 100 miles category, separate me between being nut or totally insane. Or maybe those running both distances are crazy after all. The race organized by Running Guild with Ben as the highly reputable race director. The event turned up to be great and well organized.
The journey start with Ray & me took a bus from TBS to Singapore. We checked in at a hostel in Lavender street. Arman, Zinov, Azrul & Zul already waiting for us at the hostel lobby. After checked-in, Ray and me went to Bugis to carbo-load with Singaporean runners Asry, Aiman & Yo Ming. For the first time, I almost puke from over-eating.
 On the race day, we checked-in at the start line very early morning at 5am to pick-up race kit and donate some of my urine & blood sample for scientific study. Yes, I became a guinea pig. The race start…