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StandChart KL Marathon 2012

Yes...completed my 16th Marathon in 5:27hr. Errr.. not PB but not bad at all. I brought my camera as usual to capture the event, unfortunately I forgot the memory card at home... dang!  Still having flu on the race day after almost a week, but being stubborn I forced myself to run despite congested chest. I took it easy with slower pace. Between km 10 & km 20, I had stomach upset and got to take two long toilet breaks. Don't know what's wrong with the food I ate although I cooked myself for carbo-loading. Overall it was good run and my legs still fresh after crossing the finish line. This is a good sign for my up coming Ultra Marathon race in September.
Detail Timing Distance (km) -Lap (minute) -Time (hour) 05km - 34:47 - 00:34 10km - 35:00 - 01:09 15km - 38:23 - 01:48 20km - 36:29 - 02:30 21km - 07:02 - 02:37 25km - 29:39 - 03:07 30km - 38:48 - 03:45 35km - 32:50 - 04:29 40km - 41:05 - 05:10 42km - 17:27 - 05:27

R2R (Return To RMC)

Salute to all R2R committee for pulling everybody together to organize this event of the year. The attendance was about 100 OPs for both days, may not be as many as OP-PP Games carnival but the fun is double or triple! To the Commandant OP Colonel Amiruddin, RMC staff & the Puteras.... you guys are the best host!!

I'm proud to say, my batch has the most attendance in the event. There were 17 of us OP Bandit, OP Bear, OP Ala, OP Mat Gan, OP Budin, OP Jepun, OP Black, OP Aca, OP Mandela, OP Jampok, OP Mat Yep, OP Kappy, OP Mat Kong, OP Joejo, OP Upiq, OP Man Dondeng and me (Those are their nicknames)
The moment I came down from 3 tonner together with OP Bear & OP Jepun, RSM PW1 Che Ka shouting on top of his lungs at three of us. We were confused for awhile, why the hell he treated us like new recruits. After awhile, I got it.... he was trying to re-enact the moment we came for registration when we first reporting to RMC many years ago. He even gave us extra drill for being la…

Ian & Dmi's Mid Year Break

We had so much fun until both cried when I sent them off after the break ended.