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Putrajaya 12-hour Walk 2013

I took part in last year's race and I had so much fun. So, I signed up again this. Other usual suspects were Lorraine, Arfian, Faris, Jason, Mohan, Ejah, Kien Boon and others. Unfortunately, I felt miserable this year going round and round in 1km loop like a hamster! No matter how hard I tried to shake my hip like a sexy hula hoop girl dancer, I still couldn't walk fast enough. I did 56km last year but this year, once I completed 42nd loop (yup, marathon distance), I stopped walking and continue with sleeping. The great thing is I brought Ian and Dmi along and they slept in the tent. Another camping trip this year.... in the middle of Putrajaya!! I would like to thank Pacat team, Arman, Zul & Zinov for feeding me and my kids during the race. 

Celcom 25th Anniversary Dinner

I have deep respect for people who arranged the dinner. It wasn't easy job to facilitate over 4 thousands people coming from nationwide to gather for a dinner. The intricacy of the décor could have taken huge effort by committees. Kudos to them! Early the year, our CEO had announced that 25th anniversary will going to be huge. When there was nothing special happened throughout the year, I anticipated something exceptional, extraordinary, festive, memorable going to happen during the anniversary dinner. In fact, the dinner was a gala! I wonder how much money spent for it. Everybody came in their best dresses with high expectation.
Well, I better keep my opinion to myself because I already upset  someone in top management with my ranting about the dinner in FB. Don't want to be sound like ungrateful bastard. I love Celcom and I always work hard for this company. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the dinner, I truly am! I'm sure the rest of the staff feel the same too. Syabas Celcom s…

Trip to Warszawa, Poland

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A day after Berlin Marathon, I took train ride to east of Berlin and arrived at Warsaw, Poland six hours later. When my FB friends saw my status about Poland, they asked me "why Poland, what are you doing there?" Then I asked them back.... "Why not Poland?"
Sitting next to me in the train was Maria, a sweet Polish girl. She's a university student from Krakow on the way home and currently she's an exchange student in a university in Berlin. For six hour, we passed through warm-up period and talking about lots of thing to each other. You won't feel six hours is a long journey when you meet up wonderful people along the way. When we arrived at Warsaw, Maria took another train to Krakow about 300 km south of Warsaw and I when straight to a big mall Zlote Tarasy next to the central station looking money changer (by the way, Poland using "Zloty" as currency instead of Euro) and I had my dinner there. 
In general…

Penang Bridge International Marathon 2013

Initially, I signed up this race with an intention to run on the new bridge but the organizer changed back to old bridge after the incident early this year when part of the new bridge crumbled down and people get killed in a car that went through underneath the bridge was crushed like a pancake. Anyway, I went to Penang with my nephew. He was doing his 2nd marathon and I... errrrr I don't remember how many marathons have I done. Probably, my 25th or 26th marathon?? Anyway, I met up with Karen, Izwan, Burn, Fayzrul and Shahril during race kit pick up. Later OP Iran came with his car to fetch us at Queensbay Mall. Our first round carbo-loading with Nasi Kandar at the original Kayu Nasi Kandar, then went to the hotel for resting. Later around 8pm, we went to the same restaurant for second round carbo-loading, this time I ate Roti Naan & Ayam Tandoori. I was sure it was more than enough to fuel me up for 42km journey on foot. Earlier that day OP Ala gave me OP Saiful Azlan's …

Salomon X-Trail Run 2013

The race should be 10km trail running but the organizer shorten it up 2km lesser due to unknown reason. Too short for me to feel tired, nevertheless it was fun race.

Trip to Germany: Berlin

I was off to Germany & Poland for 3 weeks last September and October 2013. Thanks to my boss for letting me take a very long vacation for Malaysian standard. Yeah, we in Malaysia rarely can take leaves longer than 2 weeks unless you're going to perform Hajj pilgrimage.
Although I have been to German before in 1996, this trip was my first visit to Berlin. I flew in from KL to Frankfurt on board MAS. Had a chit chat with other passengers around me. They were students in German's universities and guess what.... they thought I also a student. Maybe I can pass as a matured student. The aircraft landed in Frankfurt Terminal 2 and we all took photos before saying goodbye and heading to our own destinations. Later, I check-in with Air Berlin for connecting flight to Berlin. On board, I get to know Monja who is working in Frankfurt and heading to Berlin for a corporate meeting. It was short flight and the aircraft landed at Flughafen Berlin Tegel. Unbelievable, the biggest city in…