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Party at workplace

We are in Advanced Data are happy, jovial & funky people! Woohoooo!!!

Multi-Purpose Insurance 12km Run

It's only into second week of 2012 and I already did my second race this year. Normally, I don't sign-up for any distance lower than half marathon, but since the race venue is very near at Padang Merbuk, I decided to participate just for fun.

"The best school holiday ever!" my kids said....

Yes.... that was what my boys said! Being in a family is all what they wanted. A family doesn't mean must have both parents, being with one parent who knows what they want is good enough.
I took them out jalan-jalan every weekend.
Desa waterpark is a must go place school holidays. I don't know why they like it so much. As usual, their favourite cousins Syukran & Afif tagged along. 
We went out several times to watch movies in cinema and try new things like archery. 
Outing with Niza's family. Her son also named "Ian" excited to see Ian & Dmi. We went watching Puss in Boots. 
Every weekend full with activities. I'm glad they enjoyed being with me :)
Took them to Sunway Lagoon, but don't go during school holidays. The place jammed pack with people & tourist.
They wish school holidays will last forever.
All good things must come to an end, same goes to school holiday and it's time to send Ian back to JB. As usual, he doesn't want to go b…

Newton New Year Challenge

My first race in 2012. 25km is a good distance to start my training for Tokyo Marathon in less than 2 months.

Brought a camera as usual but forgot the memory card.... dang!!
So, I ran as fast as I could (errr... not that fast actually) and clocked 2:44hrs.