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Group Advanced Data - Hari Raya Gathering

It was the last event we celebrated as Group Advanced Data. After this the team to be split into different groups. It was fun celebration we started with Gangnam Style dance which I do not want too post the video here due to strong condemnation by my fellow close minded Malays who think the world revolves around them. Everything outside our culture is deemed as unIslamic and should be punished in hell!!  Nevertheless, it enjoyable event with sumptuous food and raya performance by each team in GAD. My team sang M. Nasir's raya songs and it happened to be Dato' Shaz's favourite. Immediately, after we finished sing the song he gave each of us RM50!! Alhamdullillah rezeki. Other teams all tak puas hati... hehehe  Introduce my team members from left Nadiah, Azmin, me, Roslee, Jumy & Eddy. One more guy Azman didn't want to join the photo session. Guess who's the youngest??
Arrrgggghhhh.... I don't care, I want to share our Gangnam video! Try spot me in the video…

River Jungle Marathon 2012

I just did Songkhla Marathon 2 weeks ago, many would think I'm insane to run another one. Doing two marathons in 14 days qualify me to be in the Bronze Level list of "Marathon Maniac" hall of fame. In less than 2 weeks before my Ultramarathon in Singapore, I decided to proceed with this race as my last LSD before the Ultra.
 Since this is boutique marathon, only insane runners joining the race. Those were still sane took part in Adidas KOTR held on the same day. That one only 16.8km is nothing compare to this hilly marathon. Usual suspects I met were Ray, Cikgu, Ijam, Tey, Yim, KA, Aini, Sab, Azhar, Mohan, Irina, Kak June, Karen, Shine, Karim, Nik Raiha, YKK and many others.  The event began at Choon Hwa School opposite Balai Polis Batu 18. Race start at 5am and we were there earlier for race briefing by James the race director.  First 15km I ran with a girl who ran her 3rd marathon. Her pace just nice, not too slow. Until the 1000ft elevation at Bukit Hantu, I left he…

Songkhla International Glorify Marathon 2012

The race was on 26th August but I only decided to go 2 days before that because KA was not able to join Razif & Cikgu Syed on the trip which was planned earlier by the trio due to passport problem. We took a bus from Puduraya at night and arrived at the border in the early morning. Many Buddhists travelling to Hatyai that weekend for some special prayers and we stuck for about 2 hours for border crossing.
 We reached Songkhla after 14 hours since we left Puduraya. We went straight to pick up race kit after checked into the hotel. The hotel was quite nice especially the cleaning ladies. I have to say BP Samila Beach Hotel has the best looking house keeping staff I ever seen in any hotel I have stayed around the world.  After race kit pick up, we explored the festival ground. There were so many counterfeit sports product selling here. The shoes look exactly like the original ones. You have to touch the cushion gel at bottom sole and you will feel the different.  After that we went …