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River Jungle Marathon 2015

I have done River Jungle Marathon series every year since 2011 and I thought of skipping it this year because I think the fee is getting more and more expensive. Luckily, just a day before the race I was offered a bib by OP Monzar because he unable to run the race due to family obligation. Thank you Monzar! 
Since this is a marathon event with no timing chip, no placing and no cut off time, I always try to run it as slow as possible. This year I was planned to wear non-running attire and managed to convince Azmil to join me. So, he pretended to be a rubber tapper with headlamp and I became a rubber scraps lorry driver. Both of us chose to wear flannel shirts and shorts.
During the run, Rashid joined us from km10 all the way to finish line. We were so fortunate because the weather unlike past years this year gloomy until the last 2km. Unfortunately, the elevation was the killer, about 10km climbs at two hills Genting Perez and Bukit Hantu. Other than that, this is a fun run to us with…