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Daddy misses both you :(

The boys went back to JB with their mummy today. Gosh... I'm gonna miss them. And last night, i went to send the medical cards and see them before they going off to JB. My ex was at home having dinner with them. When they saw me in my office attire and laptop bag, they were saying "Yay daddy dah balik nak terus duduk sini ya?!". I was speechless listened to that remark. Kids... they still hoping for us be together again. Sorry kids, at the moment both of us have no plan to reconcile. But daddy & mummy will always love you.

UOX Play

This is rock concert event on rooftop of BB Plaza. It's been a long time since my last rock concert... errr I can't think when was the last one, hmmm... probably i never been to one before :P

In average the crowd were in their early 20's and some of them were half of my age. Yeah, i feel a bit out place :P But thanks to a friend who gave me an advice how to wear in such event. As a result.... no one call me uncle...hehehe

The concert were awesome. I feel so good looking people performing on stage. Well, next in my wish list, I'm going to learn play drums after my Ironman. No more procrastination. You gotta do it man!!!!

PS2 Smackdown

Who says video game is not a physical activity. Tgk la gelagat Dmi main PS2....funny, hahaha

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