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StandChart Singapore Marathon 2009

This is my first overseas race. It was one great experience as the organizer was very efficient. I have nothing to complain except, too many people took part in the race. The journey started on Saturday morning. Three of us, from KL drove to Singapore entering from Tuas CIQ. We headed straight to Singapore Expo to pick up the race kit. It took me only 5 minutes to settle everything. Super quick! Then we went drooling over sports stuff at the expo. I bought a pair of NB running shoes. It was very cheap only $70. All shoes on sales, I almost buy another pair but told myself... don't!
After that we went to Zam Zam Restaurant for Brayani. Joining us for carbo-loading lunch were Kay, Yusran and his 3 other friends living in Singapore. Thanks to his friend for "belanja" us. After lunch we checked-in into our hostel. Then we went to Mustafa before going to Novena. We did shopping... windows shopping! :P Then we went to Geylang Serai for dinner. After dinner we though of going to…

Ironman Langkawi 2010 Motivator


Ironman Langkawi 2009

I made another video with new photos from Shazly just to boost my morale for Ironman Langkawi 2010 training.

Diving Trip to Mabul

After climbing up to Laban Rata (3273m above sea level), I flew to the other side of Sabah to dive underwater in Mabul. If you don't know where Mabul is, check out goggle map below;

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Mabul popular due to close proximity to Sipadan. Mabul Island is small oval shape surrounded by sandy beaches. I stayed at Sipadan-Mabul Resort, one of a few dive resorts available in Mabul. From the jetty I could see Sipadan Island and Kapalai Island. The place is so beautiful, I already fell in love with Mabul. The people were very friendly and I made many new friends over there. I did 8 dives in 3 days at Mabul, Kapalai, Siamil and Denawan. Mabul known as the world's best muck diving if you are interested with small and micro marine lives. While in Kapalai I could see larger fish. I couldn't a get permit to dive in Sipadan this time around. So, I missed to see a school of barracuda, bumphead, jackfish and hammerhead sharks. Some of the species I saw during my diving were all sor…

23rd Mt Kinabalu International Climbathon

The Mount Kinabalu International Climbathon has made its reputation as "the world's toughest mountain race". The steepest race on the circuit, it ascend from 1,866m to the summit of Mt Kinabalu (4,095m) over a mere 8.5km - an amazing vertical climb of 2,250m. This year only 25% from my category completed the race. Oh yesss.... that's excluding me! I only managed to get to Laban Rata :P I will try again next year :)

My babies - Ian & Dmi


Hari Raya 2009


View from my office desk

This is a view from my new office. Whenever I stress I can just turn my chair around to enjoy the breathtaking view right from my desk especially at night.

Desaru Long Distance Triathlon 2009

2km swim, 90km bike, 21km run at Desaru, Johor. Did my PB, clocked sub 7 at 6:57 :)

Putrajaya Night Run

11km run and i clocked 1:11

Siemens Run 2009

RM10 for 10km run..... berbaloi! Did my PB sub 1 hr :)
I had a chat with Kenyan runners after the race and asking what is their secret to be able to run so fast other than training and having runner's physical. He said.... 3 pieces of roti canai & 2 glasses of teh tarek every morning for breakfast. Yeahh you're right!! :P

PD Triathlon 2009

It was a great race. Did my PB 3hrs 13mins... yeah not that fast actually :P Next OD I will try to do it sub 3.

New addition to the family

All my sisters gave birth to baby boys just a few weeks apart from each other.
Dick, Tom & Harry
Everyone is here except my kids

KL International Marathon 2009

The crowd was huge but badly organized :P The organizer sucked big time!My timing was 5:30.... yeah i know i was slow coz i'm a tortoise :)

OP-PP Games 2009

Went there alone. Not many Rebellicans came. Glad to be able to capture some beautiful shots with my A300. It brought back lots of memories :)

Daddy Loves You!

I held your hands when you were small
and tried to catch you should you fall,

I watched you grow into young boys
With your own hopes and dreams,

Sometimes plans we had went astray or weren't made,
Sometimes the words you spoke were not the ones I'd hoped to hear,

I saw your disappointment when situation were untrue,
Too trusting, or perhaps naive, you had to learn to be brave,

So always remember wherever you go,
Whatever you do,
The constant thread that connects us
Is my love for you

My babies - Ian & Dmi

Water babies were having fun at Desa Waterpark.
Took them to play bowling & to watch terminator at cineleisure.

1st timer Xterra Malaysia!

The only crew raced that day. I didnt waste the opportunity to try out the 1st Xterra in Malaysia. The biking part was very tough and i was swearing all the way!
Well done to all XterraMalaysia committees for not only made it happened but you guys made it a great one!

Amazing time-lapse piece of work

Mr.Ross Chingis at it again, this time working is time-lapse magic with a stop-motion twist. It’s an unofficial video clip for a song called ‘Little Bribes by a band by the name of ‘Death Cab for Cutie’.
Death Cab for Cutie - Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Langkawi IM2010.... here I come!!!!

I just registered today :)

My Ironman Experience

It has been awhile since my last blogging. Nothing much to tell about my life. Still the same old me, single & lonely… err not that lonely actually. Life has been exciting so far. Anyway, what i want to write today is about my Ironman. I haven’t wrote anything about my experience doing Ironman last February. Before it fade away from my memory, i better write something about it. After 31 years of being a couch potato (hell yeah, I was a chubby boy), I had relatively late start in the sport. At age 32, I kicked off my triathlon career by competing in a sprint race in Port Dickson. My first race was a memorable as I crossed the line behind many people, including men & women twice and half my age. Many pros are prime in their 30’s. Nonetheless, I was hooked on the sport. Before the race the thought of doing Ironman  was so daunting; I characterized Ironman as an insane form of masochism and I prepared  myself the best I could based upon what little I knew about a sport with a year…

Ian & Dmi - School breaks

They spent only a few days with me after being away for almost 3 months in JB. I remember vividly when Dmi was very sad the night before their mummy took them. When I asked him "why are you sad?" He replied "I don't want to go back to JB, I want to stay here with daddy and mummy". Suddenly my tears welled up and I feel so guilty for didn't fight hard enough for them to stay with me. Hope I will be able to take them back next year. Insyaallah.

国立高松工業高等専門学校 - Takamatsu National College of Technology

This is my former school in Japan. I spent 3 years here from 1994 to 1997. I wish I can go back to visit the place in near future. 

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WE DID IT !!!!

Ironman Langkawi... will i make it to the finish line?

Like everyone else, I have my own wish list of what I want to do in life and Ironman is one of them. Now less than a week to the grueling 17-hour race, I feel dokidoki (nervous in Japanese)  The journey not only started last year after I went to support my friends in Ironman 2008. But it was earlier before that. Check out my previous blog at
It's not so much of the race itself but the journey to Ironman is full of stories. Some very exciting, some very sad ones. I'm very committed to finish what I have started and I became obsessed about it. The sacrifice I did for this race is so tremendous. Even at one point it ruined my family. I never regret it and this is the most expensive lesson I've ever learned. I must thank people around me who gave great support to achieve my dream. 
Thanks to Ala, Bandit & Budin for alluring me into endurance race. Now I'm healthier and better looking than 4 years ago. I owe you guys a great deal. Thanks to OPs, my…

Naza Citra.... convenience or drawback?

I haven't writing lately because I don't have mood to do it. Creativity only comes when I'm depress, and I'm not longer in that condition anymore (thank god!). Since i'm not a good writer (my ex always ridiculed my writing and she was right about it anyway), I need something to motivate me to express myself in this blog. This blog suppose to be about myself after all. I wish i can write like OP Doc Hisyam, he's one of my idol because he is a very good descriptive writer. His writing full with colors, wisdoms & jokes too.  I want to tell you about my car Naza Citra. Although I've lost my wife & my kids after the divorce, this car seem to be clung together with me. I wanted to sell it off but it doesn't have secondhand value. So, I've to stick with it until I have enough money to let it go and get myself a new... ehem ehem... sports car. Why i bought the car? Because of my wife (ex). She wanted an MPV although I've told her it's too …

Outdoor Adventure at Belum Forest

A trip to Belum Forest is more on playing with my new toy Sony Alpha 300 DSLR than go for  camping. I took nearly 600 pictures and almost 3Gb of data. Lucky i bought an extra battery grip and my photo shooting could last for 3 days without charging.

My best shot - Morning view of Tasik Banding
The contrast between the water & the blue sky
Blue sky, green forest & clear water

We hit a jackpot, we found a full bloom Rafflesia!


Broga loop, 3 times in a week!

I did 3 times Broga loop in a week. I clocked almost 400km of mileage in just one week. A tragedy at Bt 18 Ulu Branang when a pile ups was happened on the 1st January 2009. 4 person injured and have been sent to hospital. I was lucky when my tire was punctured and was left behind from the front pack. If not, i could be one of the victims. Hope no more accident among the cyclist this year.