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3R Marathon

It seems most of my races recently happened in Putrajaya. Good race but I was darn slow. Crossed finish line in 5:52.

Team OP at Ironman 70.3 Putrajaya

Just a few days before the race OP Saharuddin contacted me if I'm interested to replace him in OP relay team because he can't make to race due to work commitment in Dhaka. Initially, I was very interested because I thought he wants me take up the running leg. But then he mentioned, I have to swim for the team because the other two members cannot swim. I told him I'm not sure if I can do it because I have not swim for the past 2 years after PD Tri in 2014. It took me until the next day to confirm with him. I have no time to training because busy at work for GST deployment, not even swim practice at the race venue on Saturday morning. The other two team members OP Monzar (cyclist) and OP Sopet (runner) were pretty much ready for the race. At that moment, I felt so nervous because the fate of the team relies on me. If cannot finish the swim within cut off, the team will be DQed,..... stress! 
I went to Putrajaya around noon on Saturday to pick up race kit and listen to race …