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Letting out jitteriness in me

IM Langkawi is only 4 days away. As cool and confident as other participants may appear, there is almost always something that fills me with a certain amount of misgiving and anxiety. Just like in my first Ironman, the fear overwhelming self-doubt as I wonder what on earth I have gotten myself into. Its almost like bungee jumping. Once you're committed, there's no turning back. The only different is in bungee jump you pay RM1000 for 5 seconds thrill while you pay only RM500 for 17 hours of excitement in Ironman. After all, everyone in your circle of friends, family and co-workers know all about it. For months they have observed as I've immersed myself in the rigors of Ironman preparation. How can you possibly back out and face the people who have supported you as you've prepared for the race of your life?The swim is particularly terrifying for many triathletes including me. There are news reports about death by box jelly fish in Langkawi also scares me. God willing, I …

The Knight in Shining Armor

Let me share with you a story which I read from a book. Errr... perhaps there are some truths in it.
There is a knight in shining armor traveling through the countryside. Suddenly, he hears a woman crying out in distress. In instant he comes alive, urging his horse to gallop, he races to her castle, where she is trapped by a dragon. The knight pulls out his sword and slays the dragon. As a result, he is lovingly received by the princess.
As the gate opened he is welcomed and celebrated by the royal family and towns people. He is invited to stay in the town and is acknowledged as a hero. He and the princess fall in love.
A month later the noble knight goes off to another trip. On his way back, he hears his beloved crying out for help. Another dragon has attacked the castle. When the knight arrives he pulls out his sword to slay the dragon.
Before he swings, the princess cries out from the tower, "Don't use your sword, use this noose. It will work better."
She throws him the no…