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Ian & Dmi - School breaks

They spent only a few days with me after being away for almost 3 months in JB. I remember vividly when Dmi was very sad the night before their mummy took them. When I asked him "why are you sad?" He replied "I don't want to go back to JB, I want to stay here with daddy and mummy". Suddenly my tears welled up and I feel so guilty for didn't fight hard enough for them to stay with me. Hope I will be able to take them back next year. Insyaallah.

国立高松工業高等専門学校 - Takamatsu National College of Technology

This is my former school in Japan. I spent 3 years here from 1994 to 1997. I wish I can go back to visit the place in near future. 

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WE DID IT !!!!