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The unexpected joy of Duke690R

A fun bike and fun ride, a cool Duker is a happy rider!~

So much hassle to bring helmet into Malaysia

Arai or Shoei Helmets in Malaysia are considered as top brand and they are very expensive, nothing less than RM2000 a piece and some models fetch up 3-4 thousands ringgit. I always wanted to buy one but the price has put me on hold until I found out Japanese Yen dropped so much now and it is cheaper to buy online from Rakuten online shopping. I bought my Arai Tour Cross 3 Helmet more than one thousand ringgit cheaper in Japan. When I purchased it via a friend in Tokyo, I didn't know I need a permit to ship it to Malaysia. So, when the package arrived at POS Malaysia KLIA, it has been confiscated by the Royal Custom.
I had 21 days to get custom clearance or it will be shipped back to Tokyo. POS Malaysia sent me a letter saying that my package has been kept at POS Malaysia KLIA waiting for custom clearance. Then with the letter I went to MITI (Ministry of International Trade and Industry) office at Kompleks Kerajaan Jalan Duta to apply for the AP. I didn't call when I go there,…