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Sundown Ultra Marathon - 100km!!!

No no no.... I'm not going to run 100km ultra marathon. Not yet because I don't have enough time to train. However, I have a wonderful friend Juliana Ali who will be running Sundown 100km Ultra Marathon on 25th June 2011 for a charity!!! She's an accomplished triathlete, she did many races including Ironman Langkawi. However, this is her first ever ultra marathon. It is as tough as Ironman... maybe tougher... I don't know, but I'm pretty sure she will be suffered :P Here, I would like to call all my friends out there to support her in effort to collect donation for Earthquake & Tsunami victims in Japan. She's working with the Malaysian Red Crescent Society as her official NGO partner for this charity event. Details about the donation can be found in her blog
All the best Julie! Hope you will finish it!

Jalan-jalan di Hatyai

Everytime I told people that I will be going to Hatyai alone over the weekend, everybody will give me that sleazy dirty look. And I don't blame them. Me too before this, I always have a perception, when guys going to Hatyai.... they are looking for sex. Dubbed by "Sin City" similar to Las Vegas in the US, Hatyai has many things to offer from a solo traveler to those traveling with a family.
OK back to the question, why the heck I have to go to Hatyai.... alone?? The story is like this.... long long time ago, at the end of last year, Airasia was doing a promo and one way trip to Hatyai was only RM8 and the traveling period was around this time la. When I read an article about Hatyai Marathon last year, I purchased the ticket & booked the hotel based on last year's race. I was 99.999% sure the event will be organized last weekend. However, when the organizer announced the race date early this year, the event actually this weekend. I missed it by just one weekend. …

Labor day weekend with my babies

Spending time with my kids always therapeutic for me. They calmed me down when I'm facing all the problems in my life. They also give me the meaning of life. During Labor Day weekend, I took an effort to go to JB to be with them. It was the first I saw Dmi in his school uniform. This is a little small things that I missed being a father. We had a good time and I think we should do this more often. At their grandparents house on the last day, Dmi showed me Mr. Bean's Teddy & Penguin he got on his b'day years ago. He said he will cuddle both toys when he misses mommy & daddy. My poor baby :( Hope I can take them back to live with me soon.