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Ironman Langkawi... will i make it to the finish line?

Like everyone else, I have my own wish list of what I want to do in life and Ironman is one of them. Now less than a week to the grueling 17-hour race, I feel dokidoki (nervous in Japanese)  The journey not only started last year after I went to support my friends in Ironman 2008. But it was earlier before that. Check out my previous blog at
It's not so much of the race itself but the journey to Ironman is full of stories. Some very exciting, some very sad ones. I'm very committed to finish what I have started and I became obsessed about it. The sacrifice I did for this race is so tremendous. Even at one point it ruined my family. I never regret it and this is the most expensive lesson I've ever learned. I must thank people around me who gave great support to achieve my dream. 
Thanks to Ala, Bandit & Budin for alluring me into endurance race. Now I'm healthier and better looking than 4 years ago. I owe you guys a great deal. Thanks to OPs, my…

Naza Citra.... convenience or drawback?

I haven't writing lately because I don't have mood to do it. Creativity only comes when I'm depress, and I'm not longer in that condition anymore (thank god!). Since i'm not a good writer (my ex always ridiculed my writing and she was right about it anyway), I need something to motivate me to express myself in this blog. This blog suppose to be about myself after all. I wish i can write like OP Doc Hisyam, he's one of my idol because he is a very good descriptive writer. His writing full with colors, wisdoms & jokes too.  I want to tell you about my car Naza Citra. Although I've lost my wife & my kids after the divorce, this car seem to be clung together with me. I wanted to sell it off but it doesn't have secondhand value. So, I've to stick with it until I have enough money to let it go and get myself a new... ehem ehem... sports car. Why i bought the car? Because of my wife (ex). She wanted an MPV although I've told her it's too …

Outdoor Adventure at Belum Forest

A trip to Belum Forest is more on playing with my new toy Sony Alpha 300 DSLR than go for  camping. I took nearly 600 pictures and almost 3Gb of data. Lucky i bought an extra battery grip and my photo shooting could last for 3 days without charging.

My best shot - Morning view of Tasik Banding
The contrast between the water & the blue sky
Blue sky, green forest & clear water

We hit a jackpot, we found a full bloom Rafflesia!