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Half-Ironman 2008.... yes, i did it !!!

Long Distance Race
2km Swim
90km Cycle
21km Run

Sprint on 2nd day

Fun out with my kids

About 3 weeks they were staying with me. During that time our bonding grew stronger. I like the feel being greet by them when coming home from work . They ran straight toward me when I open-up the door and start talking of what was happening today. And every night before we sleep, I did bedtime story telling. I really sad being alone again :( I wanted to take care of them but my ex insisted them to be sent to her parents in JB. I worry they will slowly forget about me sooner or later. She said this is for their own good. Hope she did the right thing.

Ian & Dmi

For the past 2 weeks, I feel so happy. Why??? Because my kids are with me now. When I at work I always look forward to go home to see them. Earlier my ex & I decided to send them to JB to stay with my in-laws. But now I have second thought of doing that. Since I already lost my wife, I don't want to lose my kids too. If my ex doesn't mind the kids stay away from her, that's her problem. In fact the kids are happier with me. Although my parents take care of them when I at work, most of the time they are with me. I shower them, I have breakfast/lunch/dinner with them, I teach them homework, they sleep with me at nite, I take them out for fun, etc. Maybe if I get a daycare maid, my mom can relax a bit. The kids need a father, I can see that every time we talk.

Syukran, Ian & Dmi