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Ride to Sg Manik, Teluk Intan

On Christmas Eve, we decided to ride to one of our IM friends' home town in Teluk Intan. His father has a piece of sawah bendang land behind his house. 
We traveled on 2 bikes with Auni & Harraz. Going there we took a route via Kuala Selangor. It was an alternative road to Teluk Intan passing through kilometers of paddy field on left and right of the road. Although it was a long road, the view was so scenic. We played in tali air and trying to catch fish. It was a fun trip not only for the kids but for both Fiza & me as well. 
Thanks to Latip & family for being a great host. Can't wait to visit his kampung again this year.

1st Anniversary

Happy 1st Anniversary Sayang! You are truly my life’s blessing. You have no idea just how happy you make me. Every day I thank Allah because He cleared the path for us to meet, be friends, fall in love, and get married. I’ve had so many smiles & laughter shared with you during the first year of our marriage. There were also some surprising twists and turns, and ups and downs. I’m not the least bit worried because I know that our love will see us through. Cheers to our first anniversary, and the many more to come with so much love.

This song shows how we feel about each other

My love for you just like the lyrics

Bike Trip to Ironman Langkawi 2018

This year no Ironman race for both of us. So, we decided to go to Langkawi to support our friends who were competing in Ironman and at the same time, we had our long overdue bike trip together.
We rode from Sepang to Kuala Perlis in 6 hours to catch Roro Ferry because we brought in the GS onto the island. This is the first time I rode the GS long distance. I rode halfway from home and Fiza rode the bike from Ipoh until after Penang.  It was a very rare experience for a guy to have a lady rides a GS and you are pillion at the back. She could handle the bike smoothly and at some stretches, she ramped up the throttle to hit 180km/h speed. Yes, she is a speed demon! From Penang onward I took over the bike again.

At Kuala Perlis, we RV with Syuk & his family. They also drove up from KL because they have 5 kids and it was easier to bring the car onto the island.
The next day we accompanied Syukran for his personal "nazar" to run 100km around Langkawi. We managed to run 30km f…

R1200GS Rallye 2018

I have been dreaming about GS since long time ago. It all started in 2002, I have this vision of going for a bike tour with my wife sitting at the back and hugging me from behind. Yup, it was that long ago and at that point in time, the model was R1150GS. In 2003, I bought MZ125SM with a beak which closest look to GS. Many people thought I bought a BMW but actually, it was MZ supermotard with a small 125cc engine. In 2004 I watched TV series "Long Way Round" of 31,000km adventures by Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman from London to New York going East through Europe, Asia, Alaska & America. I immediately fell in love with the GS.
I like motorcycle since childhood but GS is the ultimate one. Big cc motorcycles are very expensive in Malaysia due to import tax but for the past 4 years, but I notice the price of these motorcycles has dropped for CKD.
In 2014, when I wanted to buy a big cc bike, I checked out the 1200GS and it had a hefty price tag. It didn't justify for…

TMBT 2018 - 50km category

We signed up the race early this year in February, hoping to be fully prepared for it when the time comes. But a month later Fiza was hospitalized with the back problem and then she was busy with her classes & a new career. I also was buried with tons of workload, I always came home late and had to do my office works at home. It left us with almost no training. We only started training a month before the race with 3 times running a week for about 8-15km mileage without trail running. Yes, we didn't do any trail running at all this year. TMBT is well known as the most grueling trail course comparing to any other trail events in Malaysia. There are many people DNF even for 50km and 30km category and we regret we signed up 50km, we think we will be DNFed. To make it worse I left my 20 packets of power gel given by Laif at home. Then Fiza's water bladder was leaking. And I brought the wrong shoes for the race. All recipes for disaster. We wished we had signed up 30km.... ohhh…

Ronda-ronda naik moto

Long overdue ride with my sayang

PD Triathlon 2018

Fiza took part in relay team for swimming leg. However, it was an unfortunate event when we lost 2 triathletes including one of our dear friends Cupido Kelvin who drowned during the race. RIP.

Ian's next stage of life

Ian's reporting day as a college student in MMU.

Family Trip to Melaka on motorcycles

One day we decided to go ride to Melaka together with Auni & Harraz as pillions. It was a spontaneous decision. It seems they enjoy the ride and a little bit of heat actually...haha. In Melaka we checked-in to a budget apartment belong to Fiza's friend. At night we strolled along Jonker Street and Kampung Morten. The next day, we went to several museums and historical landmarks around Bandar Hilir. Later that day, my in-laws joined us and we went for more jalan-jalan & makan-makan. A great small weekend gateway. Should try to do it more often. 

Kapas Marang 2018 and Jalan2 in Terengganu

This year I didn't take part because as usual, I don't want to get bitten by sea lice again like last year. I also need to take care of Fiza because she insisted to participate despite her back problem. So, I borrow an inflatable canoe from OP Dr Syed Dollah to accompany her in the sea in case anything wrong happens. Luckily, there was nothing bad happened. Fiza managed to complete her swim within the cut off time. 

After the event, we went jalan-jalan around Kuala Terengganu. We sleep over in a relative's house for one night before heading back to Kuala Lumpur the next day.